The new Google Nexus 5X and 6P pose for the camera, including their original boxes

Google Nexus 6P

We know all or virtually all about the two of smartphones most anticipated of the year, we are known as the Google Nexus 2015. In fact, their official names already revealed and will be recognized as the Google Nexus 5X manufactured by LG and Google Nexus 6P manufactured by Huawei.

Both very different but sharing the same essence, the pure Android Nexus experience and boasting of having Android 6.0 exclusively Marshmallow , the new version of an operating system that promises to achieve performance and efficiency never seen before now.

However, it is not time to talk about its benefits or features, if not present the new images that have appeared on the network, showing even further their physical appearance and with a novelty: the original box or packaging of the two devices .

Google Nexus 5X, bet LG

Recall that this the Google Nexus 5X is the result of potential and evolution of LG , which will bring some of its best features, some never before seen in the signature and fingerprint reader and others do as his new camera and laser autofocus that helps both take pictures with the main camera.

Google Nexus 5X

This new picture does not show us anything new. However, let us once again enjoy his physical appearance and resemblance to the Lumia range of Microsoft , so beloved of some users -server included- and so little to others, whether by design or his likeness.


It is better to visualize the look of their original packaging. If you look, this looks a square aspect , the letter “X” on the device model and one of the funds included in Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Google Nexus 6P, quality and performance in equal measures

Here we find the Google Nexus 6P, the device manufactured by Huawei and as in the case of LG, it boasts some of the best features of the firm and its noble materials, fingerprint reader how well it works on other devices of the same company and some new features like the camera wrapped in a black glass.

Google Nexus 6P 2

This time we can visualize in detail the terminal, which in past leaks already did with his front but the back was something hidden. Surely terminal premium look where you look .


And of course, it has also appeared the original box or packaging. This also looks like the letter “P” on the device model and with a different background will also be included in Android 6.0 Marshmallow. As detailed differentiation this box sports a more rounded edges at all corners that the Nexus 5X , a detail to consider.

not know what materials will be used in making Google the original packaging, if carton for Google Nexus 5X by finishing in plastic and metal for Google Nexus 6P to contain a body made entirely of aluminum. would be a real detail do not you think?

Patience less than a week and know all the official information on the event scheduled on 29 , including some surprises.

And you do you think? Head over New Google Nexus 5X and 6P pose for the camera, including the original to make your mark boxes.

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