The Moto G4 Amazon Prime does not allow you to unlock the bootloader (solution)

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Just leak the news that the Moto G4 Amazon Prime does not allow you to unlock the bootloader. Bad news for users who plan to buy a mobile phone cheaper to have advertising Amazon Prime, but it makes sense, since many had thought rooting the terminal and install a custom ROM to remove the ads. But this will not be possible.

As we read in Talk Android, it is not possible to open the bootloader of the Moto G4 with Amazon Prime nor rooting the terminal or install custom ROMs. Comes with the bootloader locked and it is not possible to open it.

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The Moto G4 Amazon Prime does not allow you to unlock the bootloader

In the case of the Moto G4 with system Amazon Prime we save about 50 euros with the purchase of the mobile. To change we have ads from time to time.

Many users agreed and then thought that they could to get rid of these ads by changing the ROM simply. But it is not possible, because the moment you open the bootloader… does not allow it.

it is Not possible to unlock it in an official way. Like the developers of XDA Developers manage to do something about it… but if you get to Amazon is not going to make too much grace and you could even withdraw the service if the users manage to avoid the adverts is a custom ROM.

For now, neither Amazon nor Motorola have spoken about it. Though it appears to have done so to make sure that the users who buy the phone have the Amazon ads, but it would be a great idea.

Mobile’s cheaper to change publi

we Cannot ignore that we we have a mobile cheaper, and you will have to analyze if you compensate endure so many ads on the lock screen.

we’ll see if there are other ways to open the bootloader… but we guess that Amazon will have been skilled in the subject… although everything is hackable. We will follow the issue very closely.

you will Not be able to install ROMs never

Although the offer is good, an average of 50 euros less for mobile, removes the freedom of installing custom ROMs whenever we want, something we really like to do to the Androids to test new versions. So for users who trasteen with ROMs won’t be a good purchase, given that the Moto G tend to be ideal for these practices.

Update: remove ads from Amazon Prime

Solution in video

A user has just left us this contribution in the comments:

What do you think of the topic? Do you see it normal or never would you buy a mobile with advertising?

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