The masks and filters are coming to Facebook Messenger


Facebook continues to try to implement more and more features in their services. Few days ago I we reported on the arrival of Facebook Events or the content in 360 degrees, and today, the company Mark Zuckerberg has filed a new ” a tool of filters and masks to Messenger, which inevitably reminds us of one of their more direct rivals.

Messenger Camera is the name that Facebook has given to this new functionality, and which allows, in a very simple way and fast, to capture images and videos and include filters, masks, text, or stickers.

Facebook Messenger now looks a bit more to Snapchat

facebook messenger filtros mascaras

as we are told from the news blog of regular company, this new tool is, in some cases, and if we wanted to, will replace the own keyboard of the application, so that more and more users decide to share their moments with their friends through images and videos.

And what is certain is that the simplicity of this system is absolute. You will only need to touch the camera icon that now appears on the main screen to access the camera and capture a photo. If, on the contrary, you intend to record a video, this touch should become a long press on the button itself.


Where really lies the fun in this update, it is in the new filters included in the camera itself. It will now be possible to use filters and masks — what do I remember this?— that will be adapted in 3D to the image content. Of course, Facebook has not forgotten to include the thousands –yes, thousands– of stickers new.

we’re introducing a place to find new art and special effects. We are especially excited to debut with masks 3D and special effects, which makes it very easy to apply a filter to artistic to your photo to full screen and turn your world into a work of art. Try it – you can take a selfie and transform into a reindeer, or playing with the snow that falls or even ask someone how it is – it is the perfect way to spread a little bit of happiness in their messages.

we can Not forget, perhaps, one of the most exciting developments that come with this version: the text filters. Thanks to them, images and videos can have text messages animated. For sample, a video:

Yes, definitely each and every one of the novelties of this update remind us inevitably to Snapchat. This is not per se something negative, because today everyone is familiar with the success of the social network of images and videos that self-destruct. Be that as it may, you can already test the new features of Facebook Messenger on your device by downloading the latest version of the app from Google Play.

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