The majority of fake apps of Fortnite for Android contain malware

Fortnite for Android is one of the most popular games of the moment, getting 15 million downloads, despite not being in the Play Store. Available on only some mobile phones, the fake apps of the game not have standing to appear in the Google store, but pose a big problem for the users. It has been discovered that more than half of these pirated versions of the title from Epic Games contain malware.

A study conducted by Top10VPN has come to the conclusion that the vast majority of the fake applications Fortnite for Android looking to steal data of users through malware. The study analyzed 32 applications from 12 different shops.

The result obtained is that more than half of them showed serious problems to users who the downloaded. Eight of those applications contained Adware, seven required permits with the risk of privacy and four were compilations of malware designed to affect the most users. In addition, 13 were low risk.

Pose a big problem for the users

The problem encountered in these fake apps is that they can spy on the user using your location, accessing your list of contacts, to the camera and can even make calls without the owner of the terminal to find out. Something that, logically, the official application of Fortnite for Android does not ask.

applications containing Adware, mainly offer full screen ad while show tutorials of the game with the idea that the user to click and so they can get benefits. The apps with Malware, for its part, try to to obtain the data of the users by deceit, forcing you to enter an e-mail, and you seek to download other programs.

At the time you download an app there that have head, not to fall into deception and do not provide unnecessary data. At the moment, the fake apps of Fortnite is still in the app stores, but for the safety of the players is better to download the game Epic Games from the official website.

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