The LG G Flex 2 begins its presale in some countries of Europe and is not as expensive

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LG G Flex 2

One of the devices that have more surprised this year, LG G Flex 2 is now available for presale in some European countries . The Korean terminal, presented at the last CES 2015 Las Vegas has been one of the most talked about technology products this year for innovation and the good reviews it received against the poor reception of its predecessor, the LG G Flex. It seemed that the terminal price would be high, but the first release made on Korean soil, as often happens with experiments LG and Samsung, to a change of less than 650 euros could make us think that LG going to back down price Looking for more sales.

Finally it has, with a first booking period at a price on Amazon Germany for 599 euros which you can not be trusted because they may offer the product at a lower price, now we presale began in Germany and the UK shipping date for March 16 .

As we read on Engadget Android, this presale starts with a price on Amazon Germany of around 650 euros and another of just over 700 euros in the UK in the famous Carphone Warehouse, the Korean company continues its reputation of “cheap” company, is not to give away their terminals, but they are cheaper than the competition.

For now it seems that shipments will begin next month measured in these areas, but for now for Spain is unknown if sold with any operator, if someone wants to have exclusivity or whether it will reach Spanish territory. It can be assumed that at a price to be around 650 euros and at a later date at the end of March -for extension to that seen in Germany. We’ll wait for LG or any operator confirm some information, since it is possible that we hear over the next MWC next week.

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