The last update of Fortnite retrieves the voice chat and fixes problems with the Galaxy S10

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Provided is one of the most popular games in the world today. That is why its developers are focused on working to offer the best to its users. So today I want to talk about the latest update of this famous Battle Royale. And is that with this latest update, we have corrected some errors introduced in the mobile version of the game. So do not miss this post and find out much more.

Fortnite is being updated to provide a better experience

Fortnite v8.11

As mentioned above, Fortnite is one of the fashion games at present. And in a recent update, the game is solving some problems on Android. In its latest version, Fortnite for Android retrieves the voice chat and also fixes some problems with the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The version 8.11 of Fortnite brings a lot of changes to the game in general. This includes some new weapons in the game, a new game mode, and several bug fixes. In addition, with this update fixed a bug that caused the full screen mode does not work in the devices of the series S10 Samsung.

¬°Fantastic!!! Has recovered the voice chat for Android

Fornite Android

This update has returned, silently, the support for voice chat. The function was deleted in both Android and iOS last week after it was discovered that was causing some problems with the performance of the game. Apparently, the failure was causing performance issues even when the players were not using the voice chat active.

while the Android users can re-use the voice chat from their mobile devices, iOS users still do not count with this support. however it is expected that in the coming days is also available for the Apple operating system.

And you, what you have already downloaded this update? If you haven’t done so already, you can download the latest patch from here.