The Humble Mobile Bundle is back with awesome games

Humble Mobile Bundle 18

¿you Thought the Humble Mobile Bundles have disappeared? The truth is that we also thought but now it seems that it has become. Now, eventually, the Humble Mobile Bundle has returned with a lot of interesting games. Apparently its creators are going to launch some Humble Mobile Bundle once in a while and they are not going to forget him completely.

This time the Humble Mobile Bundle 18 brings titles very fun and depending on what you pay you will get one or the other. As you might well know you can choose to pay from 1 dollar up to the desired amount to be donated to the cause you choose.

What games brings the Humble Mobile Bundle 18?

Depends on what you’re going to have a game or another but the list is the following, it is best to make with all as the best games always tend to be in the higher price.

  • If you pay a dollar or more:
    • Freeze! 2 Brothers
    • Evoland
    • Adventures of Little Eco
  • If you pay more than the average (currently 6,15$):
    • Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville
    • Broken Sword 5 – Episode 1
    • Goat Simulator GoatZ (the version of zombies of the famous simulator)
    • Some more games will be added along these days.
  • If you pay $ 7 or more:
    • Broken Sword 5 – Episode 2
    • This War of Mine

If you want to take advantage of the best deal it is advisable to pay as soon as possible because as time progresses the average cost only grows but if you’re willing to pay the 7 dollars you will have a lot of games valued at more than $ 50. In terms of the titles we have to admit that they are the best that could be offered.

This War of Mine is one of those games that will not leave you indifferent

it May be that some titles will not sound much, but there are high-quality games in the pack as Broken Sword 5 (a graphic adventure that I know since childhood when I played on PC), titles are very funny as GoatZ and deliveries ability to pass the time as Freeze! 2 Brothers.

Another reason to get this pack is that it will only last 2 weeks so if you don’t arrive on time you could miss the titles that are offered in this pack. Keep in mind that you’ll choose where the money goes and the truth is that donating the money to a good cause in addition to take some games at a greatly reduced price are not at all harmful actions to your mind. Ah, we forgot, the Humble Mobile Bundle is exclusive to Android.

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