The Huawei P30 could be released to the market with OLED display and notch

At the beginning of this year, the chinese firm Huawei joined a OLED display in your smartphone special edition, the Huawei Mate RS by Porsche Design. In fact, it appears that this new technology has come to stay. It is important to mention that only since the departure of Matt 20 Pro, Huawei has taken seriously what riding some of the best panels on the market on their phones.

A reliable source states that the new flagship of the chinese firm, the Huawei P30 Pro that will go on the market next year, will have a built-in OLED screen curve, which manufacturer would be BOE or LG (current manufacturers of these panels along with Samsung). The source says that it is possible that the mobile you don’t have a camera on the screen and therefore will come with a notch, in the style of iPhone.

At this time, the only company that is manufacturing the screens type OLED with holes is Samsung, but the signature south Korean would be too expensive for the intentions of Huawei. In this way Huawei only have the option to have a panel OLED of another brand.

Huawei could assemble a panel of Samsung, but it doesn’t seem an option

Yes this leak is correct, we can deduce that the normal terminal of the series Q30 could come to market with a screen with a futuristic design the new notch waterdrop, while the premium version would be hosting a large notch to accommodate all of the sensors. The same has happened with the Matt 20, which has a notch smaller is not the more expensive version.

¿it Will be the ideal choice, or Huawei will have sufficient grounds to mount a notch larger in the more expensive version? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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