The highlight in Android 2016


This 2016 has been a year well cargadita for Android lovers and in general, of the technology. There have been few things that have past, nor few their consequences for users and the trust of the people in their respective brands.

while there are so many things to comment that this article would give to various parts, it is to be mentioned both the good and the bad of this year that has left us with many surprises. Situations explosive, tears, action, tension, farewells… Or a Spielberg’s movie, hey. And, what is the thing that has most excelled in this 2016? As a server I spoil with your humble opinion.

Galaxy Note 7

we could Not leave this point without touching this topic in this article. Without a doubt, the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7 has been a setback very important for the own Samsung, for its own economy as a company and above all, for the trust of their most loyal users.


back in October we learned the hard decision of Samsung to halt the sales of the Note 7 and ask for its immediate shutdown. This smartphone was oficilamente dead. The decision was taken following the more than 30 cases around the world the mobile burning in a matter of seconds, or exploiting. With photographic evidence and videos, Samsung gave shelved the project without an apparent cause for the explosions –even though many say that it was because of the design

An exchanged Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Note 7 is seen at company's headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, October 13, 2016.   REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji

Bye Bye, Nexus

Without a doubt another thing to keep in mind. This year with the arrival of the Google Pixel, the first and the new flagship of Google was closed permanently the project Nexus, the range of smartphones of the brand Google specializing in the hard users of Android.


From 2010 to 2016, Google was launching a series of smartphones manufactured by other companies and marketed by the big G. Had the last of the last, the latest version of pure Android and a support of updates continued. I, myself, am the proud owner of one of the last two that were launched, the 5X LG. And it really was a shame that the end of the project. With the 6P Huawei as a last model, and the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5 as standard-bearers, will never be forgotten.

D. E. P Google Nexus (2010 – 2016)

CyanogenMod no more

This news is especially recent, and with a view divided and fragmented. CyanogenMod, the developer of the ROMS may be more important in the panorama Android closed their services in the face to the 31st day of December.


was Not a secret precisely because we knew that Cyanogen was not going well with tracks such as the ida’s CEO, Kirt McMaster or the dismissal of several employees. According to a press release from the company, the services of builds and nightlies will be closed after this year.

Although it has been confirmed the arrival of LineageOS, the fork official Cyanogen –compound for all of their employees themselves– is to see if Cyanogen or LineageOS re-emerge from its ashes as the phoenix is.

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the arrival of The nougat

And we ended up with a good news that managed to excite more of one, and disappoint so many others. This year, as it could not be otherwise, Android 7 Nougat has come to stay, and is already starting to be distributed to devices of a more high-end, and the last Nexus existing, as well as the Google Pixel. Later, small update, 7.1 began to be distributed this month.

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