The Galaxy Note 7 back to the stores in October

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As you know, Note 7 exploit. During these days, we have spoken of many related data. First we tell you what to do to replace a Galaxy Note 7, and then, how can you know if your Note 7 is explosive or not. The latest news relating to this topic, is that Samsung will sell the Note 7 in October. As you know, they were removed from the market for safety until they resolve the issue… but it seems that in a couple of weeks they will be ready to be launched.

users are bearers of a Note 7 had to send it back to the south Korean. This has caused many losses to Samsung, but neither could put their clients at risk. Samsung wants to get back to normal and it seems that the month key would be October as we read in Android Authority.

Explota Galaxy Note 7

When do we re-sell the Note 7? In October

As we read in the blog of the guys from Android Authority, there are many losses you’ve experienced Samsung with the severe problems caused with the Galaxy Note 7 (both, not leave you to go on a plane with one for if exploited, and it is not a joke). But everything indicates that from the 21st of this month would start the launch of the Note 7 of new. Obviously, there would not get to all sites equally. Samsung confirmed that it would take about 2 weeks to manufacture them again, and the times seem to fit well.

Could reach the 30 September (or October)

There are rumors of all sorts. If Samsung gives more of a hurry (although best to go with calm), could be ready to the end of this month, that is to say, in October at the home of the users. there is No official confirmation but we are confident that this is so. Between the 21st and 30th September, Note7 would be ready and in October will arrive to users, free of problems.

don’t be afraid to buy it

If you are planning to buy a Note 7 do not worry, they are now being manufactured again with a few stricter controls than ever. We should not go back to having explosions on the part of the Note 7. It is best to wait a little more till you know more data of the new Note 7 and know that finally come free of problems.

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