The first official tournament of Clash Royale has finished

Clash Royale

Supercell has organised this weekend in Helsinki, Finland, first official tournament of Clash Royale. Yes, this tournament has managed to attract more than 200 players of this card game who have competed for a prize of $ 15,000 in cash. Yes, a prize is very juicy in which the finns have shown to be more accurate, the majority of professional players of Clash Royale are of this country.

The tournament has been a success, and the truth is that Supercell has once again shown that it is able to launch a new game, and to earn the sympathy of millions and millions of players that now rely on them.

Primer torneo Clash Royale

First official tournament of Clash Royale

the first prize of The tournament has been to Jason that has overtaken Steroidi69 in the end. However, the 4 semi finalists were players from Finland. Players have to Clash Royale is very good and that allow them to overcome the cold weather in the winter in Finland but this, to me, what I have taken out of the sleeve though I don’t think that is very wrong.

The event has been transmitted by streaming live on Twtich and YouTube, has managed to have some 65,000 spectators at the same time on Twitch and close to 50,000 simultaneous also on YouTube which means that Clash Royale are interested in much more than what it seems, and is destined to become a perfect title to be worthy of eSports, games usually for titles for the PC.

Supercell has also taken the opportunity to introduce the live streams in the next update of Clash Royale, a change that will give players and lots of possibilities and will help the game gain even more viewers. The live streams will make the lesser skilled players can learn how to play the real professionals.

What do you think of the first official tournament of Clash Royale? We would like to know if you’ve seen it, you are interested in or do not want to miss the next. As many will know, we are quite aware of everything that happens in the Clash Royale, and we don’t want to miss any novelty about the game but we would also like to know your vision for the same.

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