The external battery OnePlus officially arrives March 17

OnePlus Power Bank 17 marzo

Given the daily consumption of battery that perform many users becoming more common opt for choosing an external battery , as in the case of Samsung who launched her own, working with animal shelters and allocating part of the profits to nonprofit organizations.

Of course, a great option is the external battery OnePlus that presents a good capacity of no more and no less than 10,000 mAh , which on average by batteries that carry the current terminal, you offers three full charges of your smartphone.

This battery ensures finally release date and is as close as on March 17, with a price of 15.99 euros and that’s sure to be a bestseller, by capacity, design and overall product quality.

Hopefully purchase more accessible and not present many obstacles , because we know the sales policy of the firm, the issue of stock and broad day transfers from these countries. And since the firm soon will expand Europe which incidentally we facilitate the purchase of its products , do not you think?

We’ll see if it meets the expectations from the very beginning is quite tempting, but to confirm a must try and time will tell, as users are confirming all the details.

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