The definitive guide to choosing the best headphones for every occasion

Choosing headphones can be a very complicated task, due to the large variety of models on the market. And is that the amount of differences from one model to another can be a lot of. Wireless headphones, with cable, headset headband, in-ear, gaming, noise-cancellation, etc

so today I bring you a guide that we hope can help you to choose the headphones that best fit your needs.

what you should look for to choose headphones?

en que fijarse para escoger auriculares

The first thing that you have to know is that what you need. Train, run, play on the PC, to travel, work, etc, If you don’t have this clear, you could end up taking a bad decision. Although some headphones may work perfectly for several activities, there may be a better option.

Types of headphones

in-ear Headphones

alternativas a los airpods

The in-ear headphones are that go inside the ear and are very small in comparison with the type-headband. This type of headphone will are perfect for wearing even when you don’t have a backpack, as fit easily into any pocket.

Currently they are used a lot, especially those that are bluetooth, since it does not bother you or weigh to train and there is a great variety in the market. We leave you with 3 excellent models of this type of headphones.

Headphone over-ear

Auriculares Bluetooth

headphones over-ear are perfect when you don’t want to hear any kind of noise outside. With only colocártelos, without starting to play the music, you will notice as they reduce much of the sound around you.

A good use that can give them is for when you play video games in your house. A good example of these are the Xiaomi Mi Headphones Comfort.

Headphones on-ear

auriculares on-ear

Are the least common type, however, did not cease to be a good option. This type of headphones are ideal for when you need to be attentive to your environment, example, in the work. Since do not have a noise isolation so efficient as it may have the over-ear.

To be headphone type helmet or headband like the over-ear, many times they are placed in the same category. The difference is that these do not cover the entire ear, but only placed on top.

Auriculares Bluetooth para Navidad

technical Features that you need to know before you buy a headset


it Is that number indicated in ohms (Ω), that indicates the level of resistance to the passage of current. While the number is lower much better, as it allows a greater volume. Ideally it would be below 100 ohm. Although a higher volume does not mean a better sound.

sound Quality

The ear of the human being is able to hear frequencies between 20 and 20,000 hertz, headphones ideal should cover all of this range.

¿bluetooth headsets have a lower sound quality?

it is Worth noting that for very good, bluetooth headsets have a lower sound quality with respect to the used cable. This is because the amount of data that can pass through bluetooth is lower than that supported by a cable. So if you decide to go for a bluetooth headset make sure that are bluetooth 5.0.

cancelacion de ruido en los auriculares

noise Cancellation

If we talk about headphones over-ear, as they offer isolation from external noise thanks to the way in which they are made. However, the noise-cancellation concerns an isolation, to a technology that is able to block the external sound when you play sound waves opposite to those which are heard from the outside.

A headset with good noise cancellation can block up to 90% of external sound.

we Hope that this article will serve as a guide for when you decide to buy a headset, even though here did not touch on an important point, the price, however, now you’ll have a better idea of what to buy. And if you still have any doubts, leave in the comments who will be happy to help you.

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