The default setting of Allo is dangerous

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a while Ago we can download the APK of Google Allo, this new application from Google seeks to boost a alternative to WhatsApp and company, but the truth is that it is difficult.

In the Google I/O of 2016 has spoken very well of Allo and is this app from Google offers a lot of added in front of the competition and despite the fact that the determinant is usually the number of users Allo could get a lot in a short time, but Google has forgotten to protect ourselves. Allo brings a default configuration that endangers our security.

descargar allo apk

The default setting of Allo is dangerous

there has been Much criticised WhatsApp for the absence of the encryption point-to-point has finally come to the application. Now WhatsApp yes encrypt our messages of point-to-point in most sections of the application, but, until very recently, encryption was non-existent and very insecure.

Even so, even using the encryption point-to-point, WhatsApp is exposed to a vulnerability that many do not know, and the current encryption in terms of security is pretty bad, not the encryption itself but by the operation of the same to be linked with a phone number.

To what we, Allo in its default configuration does not bring activated the encryption of point-to-point how necessary it is for our conversations to be secure. Don’t panic, for the moment Allo is not in final phase and it may be that Google enable this feature before launch but currently, if you use Allo, you’ll have to activate it in the Settings.

How to enable encryption in Allo?

Allo can be used in two ways, in normal mode (where the user is not protected) and in incognito mode where the encryption point-to-point yes is on. It is in this mode where we are safe, in the other it would be very easy for someone to espiase our conversations.

time it is not known very well why Google has not enabled encryption end-to-end in Allo but what is clear is that until it is released in final form, we cannot demonstrate the lack of the same. As we know the users are not inclined to modify the application settings and this encryption should be enabled by default, Allo as it is installed is not secure at all unless you’re using the incognito mode.

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