The curse of Pokémon GO continues, a new state of the USA has forbidden it

The curse of Pokémon GO continues, a new state of the USA has forbidden it

Conectar Pokémon GO Plus a smartphone

Pokémon Go has been a game that has caused a lot of anger around the world because many countries have established laws to prevent their citizens to use the application. In other words, there are countries that have banned –or regulated– the use of Pokémon GO, to part of the countries in which it directly does not work –such as China, where they can’t use the GPS–.

he has Now played in Milwaukee, one of the states of the USA, where the government has imposed a law that forces Pokémon to Go and any other application that uses augmented reality to ask permission to use public locations for events. And that is if you think about it a little, we would come to understand that an event Pokémon Go is as a concert or as a festival, as it brings together a multitude of people at the same point with the same goal: in this case, play Pokémon GO.

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The schedules of Pokémon GO are such as concerts or any other event


If we understand the events of Pokémon GO in this way we will understand also that cause certain damages: cans and dirt on the floor, grass trampled and toilets overflowing, among many other problems. All this has a cost and if the organiser does not have license for the event should be sanctioned.

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