The Challenge of Double Elixir returns to Clash Royale this weekend

¿you Remember the Challenge of Double Elixir Clash Royale that we had a month ago? Thus this special event of Clash Royale returns this weekend, from Friday, will be available for you to play and you get a treasure chest filled with coins and cards. Go prepared, because if this week we have the hood of the clan in the Clash Royale, on the weekend you are going to play live to the limit with the double elixir, because the Challenge of Double Elixir returns to Clash Royale in a few days. ¡¡What you win we have!!

Challenge of Double Elixir returns to Clash Royale

This weekend, for the 7th and 8th of January 2017, the players will be able to enjoy new event of double elixir Clash Royale. Actually this event is not new, because as we told you, we have already been able to play it on one occasion. These challenges are new and come some weekend to the game for us to enjoy more and more fun. The truth is that since Supercell strive to do it in luxury

So you see, saving gems for this weekend because there is challenge. Remember as you speak to them in their time of the characteristics of the challenge of double elixir clash royale. In its day, when we had this challenge, we had a first prize is 2,000 gold coins, and 100 cards. we were Also able to take the first challenge for free, so it’s great to go dominate the game (you can only lose 2 games, because the third will be out).

What you’re going to have to do and that is one of the keys, is that you have to think fast, because every match that you play is like having the double of elixir all the time (as it happens in the second round). As a result, the game is much faster and it is possible that you may get tired before.

From the first second the elixir is X2

This tournament is exclusive for a limited time without a doubt is one of the most fun. You’ll be able to enjoy from the first moment of a battle with the elixir double X2. If your deck is fast and spends little elixir, what are you going to wear very well.

are You looking forward to the new challenge? As you will have to wait for the weekend, which quickly arrives. Don’t miss our tips to win the challenges of double elixir clash royale.

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