The CEO of a chinese brand of smartphones lost 144 million in the casino and the catastrophe is imminent

┬┐You might have heard of the chinese brand Gionee? if you didn’t know, has more than 16 years of history and boasts a 4.6% share in the indian market. However, currently going through a situation very atypical and negative. The CEO of Gionee lost 144 million dollars in the casino and left the company the verge of bankruptcy. Incredible, but true.

there is No doubt that Gionee goes through the worst moment of its history. In addition to having debts with the suppliers, your CEO lost 144 million dollars in the casino. While this brand goes through this, other asian manufacturers are concentrated, to continue to battle in the market.

The CEO who lost 144 million by gambling problems

Such as have in Security Times, Liui Lirong, the CEO of Gionee, he admits to have lost 144 million dollars in the casino. The worst case is that the mark is in a situation of non-payment with suppliers and these had already submitted their application for the reorganization of the company.

Is true, the name Gionee is not the most popular in the Android universe, but we’re talking about a company that was operating since the year 2002. In case outside little, in 2017 achieved get the 4.6% share of a market as key as that of India. Thanks to the good acceptance that they have their own economic devices, the brand came to reach the position 5 in the list of phones sold within the asian country.

Unfortunately, the money you lost Lirong belonged to the funds of the company. The CEO doesn’t it hurt him to admit that his only source of income was Gionee. We are talking about a situation in which there is no turning back, as you will have that go into liquidation if they can’t pay the outstanding debts.

Gionee has become an example of how not to do things in the Android universe. After you have reached a certain popularity, an irresponsible act of the CEO makes all the previous efforts is to become nothing.

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