The Bluetooth 5 becomes official: Doubles the speed and increases the range

The technologies are constantly improving and now, after the conventional networks have given a jump to the 4G giant and are awaiting the 5G there is also another technology that has come to the fifth version, the Bluetooth technology.

This connection, although it might seem otherwise, is increasingly used and with the jump of the companies to the removal of the audio jack Bluetooth technology will be increasingly used, especially for the wireless headphones. The Bluetooth 5, after months of work, it has become official, although that does not mean that you already have a mobile phone with this technology built in. The mobile with Bluetooth 5 will arrive in 2017 and will have to wait until then to begin to appear the first devices with this technology built in.


Bluetooth 5: The double speed and four times more scope

it May be that the Bluetooth is not in use it too to send files but that is still using for the hands-free, connections to wireless headphones, bracelets, smart, smartwatches, and more. From today the manufacturers already have free reign to implement this technology in their devices.

The Bluetooth 5 does not bring any novelty impressive, but yes that improvement in almost all aspects, the previous technology. Now the Bluetooth 5 is much more efficient (uses less energy), has twice the speed than before and can connect up to 4 times further away.

The Bluetooth 5 is much more efficient than their predecessors

Four times more scope, it may seem little but if you had devices that were connected to ten meters is now going to be able to make it to 40 meters (a distance very large) and in addition will be able to do that at double speed than before. And yes, the bandwidth of the Bluetooth 5 is multiplied by 8 that enables you to transport information faster and more fluent with a communication much more stable.

And yes, the Bluetooth 5 is compatible with the current technologies of Bluetooth so there will be no problem to connect a device with Bluetooth 4.1 or 4.0 to a device that has Bluetooth 5. Yes, this time does not come with .0 but with a simple 5, that might mean that the next evolution is the Bluetooth 6 and not the 5.1 as has happened with the 4.1. Yes, if you connect a Bluetooth device 5 to one with Bluetooth from a previous version the quality and speed will be that of the previous version and not the Bluetooth-5.

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