The Black Shark 2 from Xiaomi would be faster than My 9

Xiaomi never ceases to amaze its users. And is that has recently launched its model My 9, but the chinese company continues to break with all the schemes. Since it now has the Black Shark 2. A mobile phone according to what is known of the, will be the most powerful on the market. So continue reading and find out much more.

The Black Shark 2 will be a beast for gamers, even more powerful than My 9

Xiaomi Black Shark

Recently Xiaomi released the the powerful My 9, which according to AnTuTu is the mobile Android fastest time. And if you thought that the brand does not take a smartphone even better in the near future, because you made the mistake.And is that it is expected that Xiaomi launches its own Black Shark 2 in the coming months. Before the official launch, Xiaomi has confirmed one of the features that we will see in this smartphone.

In the first promotional image, it was confirmed that the Black Shark 2 will be equipped with the technology Liquid Cool 3.0. which will make your levels of cooling are greater. In a in a video released by the company, you can see that this technology will allow this terminal to work at higher speeds than it can the My 9.

¿What else we know about the Black Shark 2?

Black Shark 2

Before anything else, you should know that this smartphone is primarily aimed towards Gamers. so it is expected that with the new cooling technology, the mobile is kept at a good temperature, especially when you run games with graphics demanding.

in Addition, this monster will have a powerful Snapdragon processor 855 octa-core SoC and between 8 and 12GB of RAM. Is expected to come with Android 9.0 as the operating system and that has a support fast load of 27W to the same as My 9.

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