The Bike X4 will be presented on the 30 of June

Motorola is having a 2017 very intense. The company returns to the first line of manufacturers with new designs. Some of these phones will be presented before the summer, or along the same. One of those devices that we’ve heard previously is the Jet X4, . A little over a year leaked the first details and images of the device.

Though it was rumors, so there is still many unknowns about the phone. Finally, after a long time, this weekend we were able to know more data about the possible submission of the same. Apparently the presentation of the Moto X4 will be a lot sooner than many had thought. Before the end of this month of June we will know the device.Nuevos Moto Z X G E C filtrados 00

Jet X4: Presentation of June 30,

it Is rumored that the device will be presented the June 30, . We know that Motorola has a event planned in Brazil on the 21st of June. Therefore, it is possible that in the event when the smartphone. But it is not yet known what devices will be presented in Brazil. There is the possibility that the Jet X4, is one of them, although there is no confirmation about it.

Although the Jet X4, to be filed before the end of the month, that does not mean that you will put on already on sale. Not yet known no data on the possible release date of the smartphone. It is rumored that the phone will have a battery 3,800 mAh, that will give him a lot of autonomy. Also a 5.5-inch display Full HD. And that it will have a processor Snapdragon 660 of Qualcomm. Although the most prominent feature is the presence of the dual camera, which may play a decisive role in its success. Without a doubt, be certain, they sound very good the alleged features of this device.

we will Have to wait a few days to be able to know with accuracy if the Jet X4, will be eventually filed in Brazil or in another event at the end of the month. Also to be able to check if the data known so far are true or not. Motorola is having a year very busy and are presenting phones very interesting. We hope you will continue with this new model. What do you think of this Bike X4? Do you think that will be a success?

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