The best tricks to up fast of glasses in the Clash Royale

Currently, Clash Royale is one of the most popular titles in the industry of mobile games. One of the main objectives of the game is to climb fast and cups, in this way, go climbing arenas. Well, today we have collected some of the tricks are very simple, but very useful, to win cups in the Clash Royale than sure that you are of great help.

How to upload fast of glasses in the Clash Royale?

always Uses the same deck

always Use the same deck has two big advantages. On the one hand, because you learn to handle those eight letters. And, on the other hand, because upload nivelsiempre the same cards. There are players in the level eight that have cards with a lower level than players who are in level six; this is because the latter have focused on upload always these eight cards while first, to go changing decks, have gone up more than fifteen different cards.

Searches the deck-the perfect

games Clash Royale consist of attack and defend; therefore, it is essential to look for a mallet that is balanced and that has a counter for everything.

Play games

One of the best tricks to up fast of glasses in the Clash Royale is that never start you the game. It is better to wait for the opponent to start; this way you will know for which side you defend you and, in this way, don’t leave your flag unprotected.

Good Internet connection

Although it may seem silly, have a good connection to the Internet is key to winning games in the Clash Royale. Sure that you you have gone some time or other the symbol WIFI in red on the screen indicating that you’re offline; from there you can already give the game for lost, with the loss of a glass that it entails.


A good tip to go up quick drinks in the Clash Royale is that you spend gems you win unlock chests and increase the cycle of the same.

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