The best tricks for Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is now available for you to download and try it on your mobile phone. We have already tested, and we will tell you about the best cheats for Super Mario Run. Tricks and tips to make you the best at Super Mario Run and progress fast in the game. If you want to try the game, you can not miss this complete guide for you to be the best. You will enjoy and get to know every inch of the game. A game that certainly has no waste, and whose first impressions are very good.

Although, for the moment is only available for Super Mario Run for iOS, soon Super Mario Run will be available for Android, and these tricks are the same. You are going to work to have the mobile that you have. ¡¡We started with these tips and tricks for Super Mario Run to progress faster!!!

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Tricks and tips for Super Mario Run

Create an account Nintendo

With a [19459002has]Nintendo you’ll be able to save the progress (and thus never to lose it) and to unlock the characters. This is the advice that we give you before you start having fun with Super Mario Run. Creating an account is the first thing that you should do.

Fighting against the bosses

did you Know that you can jump over the heads? You will not have to go below as in the original game. This is going to make you what passes before you. Although we also recommend that you get after eating a mushroom and you get older, at least to protect it from a blow and if you lose you don’t have to go back to the beginning.

Bubble Mario

Surely you’ve seen that when you die in Mario activates a bubble around it to fly to the interior point. What happens if you leave the bubble alone, without exploiting it? What are you going to be able to get with this, is to stop the process where you want, and we will recommend you to do so where it is easier to come back, ¡¡so do not ever lose on the same site!! Simply, when you go in the bubble you can touch where you is more easy to appear.


One of the keys to Super Mario Run is the time, because you will notice as you play the first time… although auto-run almost always, it also stops at certain key points. Note whenever you stop, because that means that you have to do something… you might have to choose between several addresses, and many other things.

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special Coins

Although you do not have too much patience in this to collect all the coins that the game is leaving your step, you’re going to have to do it in a greater or lesser extent, although actually getting to the flag is already (quite easy). But you should try to get the 5 coins in a level.

But… do you know what trick to follow to get all the coins? Simply, repeat the level, and having a lot of patience, memorizing where they are and what they have to do to get them all. As if you have to play half an hour.. but if you grab all of these special coins, you will unlock more coins (this is the trick) and if you manage to get all the special coins secondary, you’ll be taken to another mission even more complex to get more coins, other enemies and the game becomes even more complicated. If you want to complete the game to the full, it will take more than you think.

Coins Rush

you Need to make enough coins per level to unlock the powerful mode coin Rush, to attract coins from all sides.


once you’ve defeated a certain number of determined enemies, level up, and you get more coins for each enemy defeated. ¡¡What you will appreciate that!!

Unlock other characters and get more stars

did you Know that you can unlock up to a total of 6 characters? You’ll be able to run a same level with another character… like for example Peach, the princess.

Each one of these characters has certain superpowers… and it is important that you know well, because you could help get more stars per level depending on the character you use to play the game. Peach can float in the air, but Mario for only a short time… so if you want to get coins to where Mario does not come easy, as you should repeat the level with Peach. You will need to analyze this well, because it is worth it to earn more coins.


Jumps to the top of the flag

Although it seems silly it is not, because at the end of each level you will see a flag. And if you get to the top, you’ll be able to get 10 additional coins. So don’t be impatient and push yourself a little to get the maximum number of coins because you’ll thank.

How to win at the races

Yes, it is possible. Although you have to bear in mind that there are good players and very bad. Begins to compete from less to more, and with time you’ll taking the trick, don’t worry if you lose the first few times. Runs simply. Keep in mind that it is not a competition in real-time, let’s say that you compete with other players who have done this before, so don’t be nervous that you do not have sense. But in order to win, you’re going to have to get there first and go collecting stars special.

Collecting more coins is not likely to reach you.. but you try to play first with the opponents lower, to go take confidence and know how to play these races. If you choose someone too good at the beginning, it is likely that you will miss.

level Up the kingdom of Super Mario Run

One of the things that you’re going to want from the moment you start playing it is raise the level of the Kingdom of Super Mario Run. You’ll need to play mini games to get more tickets, complete the levels as you can, get rewards (help you to connect the profile Nintendo the game to get it), complete missions, etc, If you have not yet played this all going to sound a little chinese, but as the game is in Spanish, you’ll be able to handle it and control it fast.

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What’s the special houses?

In your kingdom you can build special houses. You can check over a couple of times a day if there are new challenges and more ways to get money bonuses, entries to races or other prizes. Although for now we do not know much of this, soon we hope to be able to tell you more tricks.

What do you have like these cheats for Super Mario Run?

As you know, the game Super Mario Run is just available since yesterday for iOS. ¡¡We have not yet been able to play much!! So we’ll updating the post with many tips and tricks Super Mario Run to the extent that we have advanced in the game.

For now the first impression that gives us is good. Seems to be passing quickly, but there’s more to chicha worlds away, because you have to squeeze it to the maximum unlocking characters, getting stars, raising the level… and much more. There is much more beyond what you see apparently. We liked the game. It is possible that at the beginning you’re a little lost, but don’t worry, with these tricks and tips for Super Mario Run you’ll be able to progress more quickly and firmly.

What do you think are the tricks to Super Mario Run? Do you have been of help? Do you already have you tested it?

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