The best trick to save battery life in 2017 is not to give importance to the topic

┬┐you Want to know how to save battery on your mobile in full by 2017? What we are going to tell you below is no joke and in fact it is the best way to save your battery in the new mobile. With new mobile we mean mobile or 2016 for here or mobile with Android Marshmallow or a higher version.

This means that in order to save the battery of Android Lollipop to the back and in hardware too old to follow other steps but if you have a Samsung Galaxy S7, a Xiaomi Mi5, a Xperia Z5 or a mobile decent manufacturing new with current hardware the thing is different.

Aplicaciones mas bateria gastan Android

How to save battery on Android?

In the first place to save battery, you should bear in mind that many times the save battery life depends on the applications that we use, and not as a we manage it. The first battery-saving tips is to review the applications that we use. If you have any of these 7 applications sure the battery consumption will be bestial and uninstall it can be a good option.

In the second place we are going to reject all kinds of task killers and cleaners, the more you save spend. Nothing Clean Master or systems that will kill the background applications such as Greenify. In Android Marshmallow are not needed, and today are more harmful than effective. Let us cases. Nor is it effective that of to be root and lower the power consumption of the processor and the frequency, the new processors are really efficient and work quite well in this aspect.

The brightness, one of the keys

There are a lot of theories with respect to the brightness and it is obvious that if it is under the battery consumption will be smaller because the screens are the ones that spend the most amount of battery power, but the auto-brightness does a good management of the same. In the event that the auto-brightness mobile does not fit well it is best to set a brightness standard is not very high so as to optimize the consumption and not suffer too much.

And finally, since we’re not going to push too hard, keep in mind that many times the consumption of extra battery is produced by processes that are going the wrong way. There are mobile phones in which the battery does not last because there is more, but there are cases where, before, we lasted 6 hours and now 3. In these cases it is best to do a reset of software and start again with the applications that you actually use, in these cases, the mobile returns to the life of new.

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