The best New Year’s greeting for WhatsApp

a long time Ago that we have stopped sending SMS to send congratulations through WhatsApp. Yes, it is for that reason that we have been searching on the web and we have found the 3 best applications for send greetings of New Year 2017 for WhatsApp.

The New Year is falling and instead of looking for the good wishes that you’ll send after the dinner is better to get it and have it all prepared to send at the time you go to do it. We recommend you spend these moments in family, but once you go through all the hassle because it will be the perfect time to send congratulations to our friends through WhatsApp.


There are many, many applications in Google Play which send New Year’s greeting via WhatsApp and that is why we are encouraged to make our own list with the best alternatives for sending holiday greetings for WhatsApp. Are 3 completely different applications and choosing one will depend a lot on your style.

Happy new year 2017

Is an application completely free that you will find in Google Play and allows you to choose between the typical phrases with text and image one of the congratulations that there are already predefined in the application itself.

in Addition to that, the application not only allows us to choose a template but allows us to customize the template texts. We can add text, stickers, and more things to customize the greeting, it will be perfect. Users have spent years using this app and are really happy with it.

WP-Appbox: Happy new year 2017 (Free, Google Play) →

Images Phrases New Year

This app is different, it is the typical free app that allows us to choose between dozens of templates to send a greeting via WhatsApp.

unlike the previous this does not allow us to customize the templates, it simply allows us to choose the one that you want, download it and then send it through WhatsApp. The reality is that it is not so complete but simple like it very much and has many images in your database.

WP-Appbox: Images Phrases New Year (Free, Google Play) →

Stickers new Year 2017

If, on the contrary that you choose an image and customize it you will not be what is best for you to you make your own greeting New Year for WhatsApp. Yes, with this application we’re going to take our side more creator.

The application allows us to draw an image and then add whatever you want, customize our attire, add text, etc, The application is completely free.

WP-Appbox: O Stickers New Year 2017! (Free, Google Play) →

If you have not decided by any of the 3 you can always download and install the 3 and then let it on your mobile phone which you like more, totally free both. In case you want to congratulate Christmas we also have a special section for you.

In the case that you do not want to congratulate the Christmas and you are encouraged to make a joke at the end of the year it may be more fun than you think, here are some applications to make jokes for WhatsApp that you will love. ¡Androidphoria wishes you a Happy New Year!

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