The best launchers for Android that you can install for free

A launcher for Android allows you to completely change the look of your mobile. You’ll be able to modify the icons, transitions, forms, etc, that Is to say, that allows you to customize the look of your mobile and renew it.

Although there are many apps of this kind on the Google Play Store, here I will show you what are the best launchers for Android this year. It is your part to choose the one you like to personalize to the maximum your mobile.

These are the best launchers that you can use in your Android

Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher is a launcher light that is not closed and uses gestures effectively. We are off to a quick tool and totally free, that is constantly kept up-to-date to offer the user a experience clean.

Here you can make a backup copy of the design and configuration in Google Drive to use it on any other device. If what you wanted was to give a slight look to your mobile device, Evie Launcher is for you.

Microsoft Launcher

The launcher, created by Microsoft, that has nothing to do with the old look of Windows Phone, it offers a completely different experience on your Android. It is a launcher with high-quality to boot-and with widgets that are located side-by-side.

The experience of Microsoft Launcher focuses on a lightweight screen start with a base of two levels. In one of the levels is found a paragraph with your Microsoft account, and the daily use of the phone. The other level is not more than a drawer in which you can find quickly all your apps. Without a doubt, the Microsoft Launcher is another lightweight launcher that will rejuvenate your mobile.

Nova Launcher

you can’t make a post of the best pitchers not to mention the popular Nova Launcher. This is ideal for the customization of any Android device. With this simple tool, you’ll be able to give your mobile phone an appearance similar to that of the Google Pixel.

Nova Launcher offers a positioning of sub-grid and an excellent system backup. Thanks to the updates of this application, the settings are easier to find. Without a doubt, this makes the personalization of the mobile phone is a truly easy task.

Action Launcher

Action Launcher is a pitcher that works under the slogan of QUICK (Quicktheme, Quickdrawer, Quickpage and Quickbar), these ensure that the launcher is faster and much easier to set up. Action Launcher is one of the pitchers most customizable on the market.

in short, Action Launcher support features of more recent versions of Android. Although the power of creation of topics is not as adaptable as the Nova Launcher, it has everything you need to customise your mobile in a short time.

Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher already has a few years, and is now on version 5. Here the home screen presents a system of placement of widgets without grid quite interesting. It also comes with an app drawer that automatically classified into several categories.

in Addition to the application drawer, this launcher has one of the widgets more precise in the Android and the choice of icons most diverse in the market. If you wanted a pitcher’s handsome and different, then this is for you.

Blackberry Launcher

The Blackberry Launcher is a launcher stable that offers many possibilities to any device with the Google operating system. From widgets pop-up appear with the slide of an icon, until one of the galleries of shortcuts, more accurate, more all-of the Android universe.

in case outside little, this tool includes the best keyboard shortcuts that have been seen on a launcher. Even though they are exclusive to phones with keyboards physical, offer a facility and versatility without equal

As you see, there are many launchers for Android able to satisfy the needs of each user. It all depends on if you want more speed in your mobile phone if or want to customize it to give it a unique look. Of all the pitchers on the list, what has been the most you liked?

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