The best knobs to play Fortnite and how to configure them

Fortnite is one of those games that has conquered millions of users around the world and now, after months of waiting, we can already enjoy in many Android terminals that are compatible with the Battle Royale of Epic Games.

Since January, we can finally use controls Bluetooth to improve our experience playing Fortnite in Android, and today we’re going to teach what are some of the best knobs to play with, and how you can configure them to customize the gameplay.

why should you play Fortnite with a remote control?

If there is something that makes a smartphone not be able to offer you the same experience a level of gameplay that a console, are the on-screen controls, which make playing a game of open field as Fortnite is a bit more complicated that when we do it with a controller.

For this reason, we recommend if you are a person who likes to play the popular game of Epic Games on your Android, purchase a remote to be able to improve your experience in all aspects of the gameplay:

  • Constructions faster thanks to the way builder pro
  • Best-level experience of mobility
  • better use of the vision on the screen

The controls that we recommend to play Fortnite

GameSir M2

The GameSir M2, with a design that is reminiscent of the costume of Iron Man, account with the same layout of the joysticks the controls of Xbox and in addition it also features an integrated stand so that we can leave the phone docked to the controller.

SteelSeries Nimbus

For its part, the SteelSeries Nimbus mounted two joysticks lined up at bottom, and has a design more sober, completely black in color, and is not mounted support for the smartphone.

SteelSeries Stratus XL

The SteelSeries Stratus XL slightly increases its size and, with the same alignment of joysticks, adds three buttons in the centre in the form of a triangle. it Is a larger model, and this, according to the type of player you are, you can strengthen your grip on the controller.

DJI Tello GameSir

In the last place, we have the DJ Trello GameSir, the cheaper alternative of which you have been taught, and that with a lineup of joysticks similar to the PlayStation –but something more distant– also offers a support to rest our terminal.

How to set up your controller to play Fortnite

Configure a controller to play Fortnite is something very simple, since the application itself is ready for it, and we will not have to remap any buttons. We’re going to see him for the steps:

  • Linked your playstation Bluetooth headset with your Android smartphone from the settings
  • Opens Fortnite
  • Go to the controller icon in the settings
  • Choose the mode that best suits your style of play (old-school, builder, rapid, combat, pro, builder pro, limited and custom)

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