The best five applications to train the mind

If there is something that we have heard millions of times is that the constant use of the smartphone may not be too beneficial for our well-being, but what many don’t know is that if it makes good use, we face an essential tool for our lives and we can improve our health by using our mobile. How? With applications for training the mind.

Today we bring you a list of our selection of what we consider to be the five best apps to train the mind. All of them, currently available for download. Are you ready to learn these applications?


This application has a total of 23 different exercises. These exercises consist of tests of memory, concentration or abstract intelligence or emotional. NeuroNation offers us the option of being able to compete with other users and in that way measure the progress of both. It’s an enjoyable way of training the mind!

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With more than 30 exercises and free calendar of follow-up, is one of the most complete. The main problem of Elevate, although it is not really a problem, is that it is only available in English. If that is not an impediment, I recommend you make use of Elevate. It’s free, very useful and measure your progress in a detailed way.

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Brain Yoga

If you are looking for an app that is fun, Brain Yoga is the best option. It is not the typical application of mental training. There are No levels, no score, so there is no pressure. This is the most comfortable and relaxed, although his training is not so intense.

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Memorado: Games

The most comprehensive app of all is without a doubt Memorado. Designed by neuroscientists, with more 450 different levels. Along the same, there are exercises to improve memory, logic and concentration. A very complete application, but you can do something more heavy than others.

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When you download Peak you have to first make a small test. As well, the app knows our level. We have the option to bet on the option free or payment. In the case of betting for the first, each day there is three mini-games daily. Each day shows the progress that was made. The payment option gives access to games, unlimited.

WP-Appbox: Peak – Brain Games (Free+, Google Play) →

The variety of applications to train the mind is growing a lot. Its use can be very useful, and helps us to discover new uses of our smartphone. do You use apps to train the mind? if yes, What you use? What is missing in the list?

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