The best covers of Halloween to protect your Android terminal


Little more than a week to enjoy the Halloween night, also known as Night of Witches in the that usually in our country we disfrazamos of any setting, and we resort to all kinds of events. What is certain is that thanks to the technology, the clothes have improved a lot, and you can achieve fantastic results, but if we go out with our smartphone to take photographs, or the so-called selfies always run the risk of happening of any unforeseen event.

that is why, our best ally is a protective case, which we collected earlier for some terminals such as the LG G4 or HTC One, but in this case they are decorated for the occasion, an added very interesting if you’re really fans of the costumes and we can obtain great results as you’ll see below.

Disguise also to your smartphone for Halloween

As you can see, mainly they are for devices such as the Samsung Galaxy, is ideal since a large part of terminals in the market come from this firm. However, if you are the owner of a Xiaomi, LG, Sony, Google Nexus or similar you also have different sleeves to your complete choice. Even Apple is invited to the party.

Is the terminal that is there are options of all kinds. We can cite some more dismal as a pumpkin illuminated in complete darkness, a witch flying over the sky in the light of the moon or some much more sympathetic cartoon style as the head of Frankenstein, a eye of mummy hidden under bandages or a adorable black cat.

Fundas Halloween

With the catalog that we have all of us it is even very easy to achieve a set of costume with protective sleeve and surprise everyone with the result, which in turn will prevent any mishap that may occur to our smartphone. From here we invite you all to send us your photos for the next Halloween day, October 31,, both of you, as with the customization that you have done to your terminals.

Trick or treat?

Difoosion | Covers for mobile inspired on Halloween

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