The best cheats for Rise of Civilizations

For beginners it can be difficult to stand firm in a battle of Rise of Civilizations. Many players can attack when we least expect it, and it would be a problem not to be prepared.

If you want to know how to advance quickly, and how to defend yourself from any attack, don’t worry we have the solution. In the following information we’ll show you the best tips Rise of Civilizations that you do not have to suffer any kind of harm in your nation.

Choosing the nation’s right

The main thing, is to know what kind of nation choose, there are several categories and each of them has advantages and disadvantages. This must also be taken into account, because if we have already played in a game like that, we already know what features you must have our civilization.


Have a bonus of 10% of the load for the troops, and are mostly farmers.


Has a speed bonus that helps travel faster to attack cities.


Has a bonus of 10% in speed of healing.


Is ideal for beginners, with bonus action points, which will allow level up faster than other nations.

Great Britain

Owns 20% of bonus in garrison ally.


Is the best production and construction, where their bonus is very influential in the defense of the nation.


Contains 2% of bonus in attack, 5% for training troops, and 30% in scanning speed. It is good to generate a significant amount of troops.


Has a 10% bonus on hospital capacity, 5% in defense of archers, and 2% speed bonus.

Having a talent tree well-organized

it Is important to have a talent tree very organized, and everything will depend on the type of commander or nation that we have. As we already mentioned, each of the civilizations has advantages and disadvantages, so we will have to level up the side that most suits us. Although it is advisable to opt for a lining.

to Improve the troops

If something you want to improve, start with the troops, as they defend and attack. It is essential that we have them at a high level, so that all our investment should be dedicated to them.

in Addition, we will be able to attack barbarians more often and level up faster.

Send explorers whenever we can

If you have browsers available, mándalos to discover new areas. It is important that we know what enemies are around us. Recall that we are on a map immense where are involved all the players. So anyone can attack us, until the more powerful.

Joining an alliance

One of the things that can benefit us, is to have an alliance, and even more so when our nation is Korea. If we have a computer ally, we will be able to ask for help to finish construction, and to defend our base.

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