The best applications to work with your Chromebook

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website we have spoken more than once of the Chromebook whose operating system is portable Chrome OS . I myself did a while ago an opinion on this operating system, which by the way I find really interesting.

Although Chrome OS may not be such a complete operating system such as Windows or OS X is eminently suitable for most users. Not only for browsing and other basic tasks you use, but also for make productive and professional work , thanks especially to its good integration with Google services and applications. In my day, Chromebook is the device I use most , so I’d like to share with you the essential to work with Chrome OS tools.

To get to any of these tools, just must go to the app store from our Chromebook , and look for any of them.

Documents Google

First, it could not miss the office suite of Google. Google Docs, Google Google Sheets and Slides are three fixed tools for all users of Chrome OS. Sincerely, envidar have little other suites like Microsoft , and if you also add its superb integration with Google Drive, the combination is perfect.

Google Drive

When buying my Chromebook, one of the greatest joys was to discover that Google gave me 1TB their cloud storage for two years. So storage problems you may have, came to an end. Google Drive allows all our data safe in the cloud , and we need it in our Chromebook, tablet or smartphone, we have always available.


Inbox is not only a must for a smartphone Android, so is on a Chromebook. Little more can we say about this wonderful tool that has made us to interact with our inbox in a totally different way than we used to do .

Pixrl Editor

One of the biggest problems have a Chromebook is not able to have Photoshop. Luckily we Pixrl a powerful and comprehensive photo editor help us forget the famous Adobe tool, at least to most users.

Chromebook con sistema operativo Chrome OS


Although we can read our Twitter from the Chrome browser itself read our timeline from a tool like TweetDeck it is a joy . From a column view, we can see in real time and not just our own plank, if not all of our entries and notifications, private messages and all the activity of our fans, all without having to change window or tab.


Telegram is not only one of the best messaging applications because of their appearance and smooth operation. So it is through its integration with other devices and operating systems. Install our Chromebook Telegram will help us talk to whoever we want without using your mobile phone , all with the convenience of writing from a physical keyboard.


I’m just in love with Pocket. Throughout the day I have to read a lot of articles on the Internet, and sometimes I can not enjoy the time I’d do it. So, I choose the item I want to save, and sent him to Pocket read it from the comfort of my home or in any other free time . Useful especially for very long articles that are worth reading carefully.

Todoist for Chromebook

Surely all Todoist may know, one of the best productivity tools for smartphone. Because if you did not know, version Chromebook also . Little to say one of the best task managers, so if you want to have all your tasks under control on a Chromebook, and you have no excuses.

Google Keep

As a lover of Google, I can not live without your notes tool. I must admit that I have always been a lot of Evernote, but since I tried Keep, I have continued to use until now. Material Design and good integration with all my devices , have made any note or idea that occurs to me, always have a safe place.


Finally, I do not want to forget Pushbullet. We all know that is a nuisance to be working on our computer and suddenly arriving messages and notifications to your mobile phone. Mails are often simple advertising or unimportant things, but still, must unlock your smartphone to view . Thanks to Pushbullet this is over.

Pushbullet Simply install on your smartphone or on your device in addition to chromebook. All notices arriving also appear on your computer , and even can answer from it. Useful ┬┐truth?


As you can see, Chrome OS is not devoid of useful and interesting applications that allow us to work without missing anything at fault. Of course, this is just one example of the many tools that are available for a Chromebook, so the list goes on much less. Feedly, Spotify, even Plex Microsoft Office are also available for Chrome OS, so you’ll see that this is a rising operating system.

Hopefully you it has been useful and has helped those undecided about the purchase of a Chromebook.

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