The battles in Clash Royale will cost 1 gem from 1 January 2017

Bad news for fans of the Clash royale, because the battles in the Clash Royale will cost 1 gem from 1 January 2017. Lately we have been forced to pay gems to virtually anything, as in the new challenges of the game, so much so, that a few days ago we had to pay 100 gems just to enter the challenge mage electrical power. This is an amount of gems very high, but now, with 100 gems you can take 100 different fights in the arena. It’s bad news, because until now it was free, but from 1 January 2017, to play Clash Royale you will have to pay 1 gem per battle.

do you Remember the next picture when, we used to pay 1 coin per battle? Now it will cost 1 gem to play a battle in the Clash Royale.

clash royale primeras impresiones

Pay 1 gem for every battle in Clash Royale from 1 January 2017

take a good Look at the picture above, because at the beginning of Clash Royale, for the month of January, we had to pay 1 coin per battle, that was enough, because many times you were without coins and you had to wait or proceed to checkout. Now, instead of 1 coin per battle is 1 gem. In these moments, the game already requires us to gems for many things:

  • Challenge classic: 10 gems.
  • Big challenge: 100 gems.
  • Chests giant / magical / supermágico: it depends on the arena costs more or less gems.

Because of this, join the battles normal.

  • Price per common battle: 1 gem.

But how do I get gems in Clash Royale?

There are a number of ways. Normally in the chests you have several gems for free every day. In chests for free, crown, silver… any chest that you will playing always hides a gem, so that opens up the maximum chests that you can each day.

Another option is to pass by the box:

  • 80 gems: 0,99 € .
  • 500 gems: 4,99 euros.
  • 1.200 gems: 9,99 euros.
  • 2.500 gems: 19,99 euros.
  • 6.500 gems: 49,99 euros.
  • 14.000 gems: 99,99 euros.

80 gems gives you up to 80 battles and it costs less than one euro

Clash Royale reacciones

you’re Going to be able to play 80 games with only 1 euro. And even many times, doesn’t have to spend cash, because all the days you’ll be getting gems for free in the chests… so you’ll be able to play the battles equally. Sure you remember that when he left the game you had to pay coins to play battles, now you have to pay gems.

  • Each battle you take on the arena will cost 1 gem.
  • the battles of The clan are free.

goal is to play always in serious and end the traps that many users do for a few clans to rise more than others… many users will let you win, and there are cases shown on YouTube videos. Now each battle will cost you 1 gem. If you spend 1 euro, you’ll be able to take 80 battles.

Will be in force from 1 January 2017.

What do you think of this new feature of the game? Do you think that many players will Clash Royale now that you will have to spend gems for the battles that normal?

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