The application to test tattoos Inkhunter comes to Android


take the step of get a tattoo is something very important, despite the fact that it is a fashion we can not forget that a tattoo will become a part of us the rest of our lives and we’re not going to be able to remove from above.

In the event that you are not sure whether you like it or not, perhaps, the augmented reality is the solution, and an application called Inkhunter Tattoo just come also to Android. This application allows us to prove a tattoo thanks to the augmented reality but in a professional way, not as many apps that simply allow us to choose a design and put it on top of our skin is not natural.

Inkhunter Tattoo recreates the reality and allows us to see how we will be left with a tattoo

Inkhunter you can download free for Android and iOS and by the use of augmented reality allows us to prove all the tattoos you want. We can choose one of the designs within the application, or upload our own creation to try out a tattoo.

will Only be necessary to select the design and aim the camera at an arm, leg, or back. It allows us to see the end result, change the position of the drawing or to choose another image if we see that we’re going to do is not in line. Now, in order to achieve the result we have that pintarnos with a simple pen to a smiling face on the part of our body that we want to put the tattoo.

Inkhunter offers a professional result

The app does not put the design on top of the skin, fits the contour of our body and we can see how we will be will tattoo from different points of view and angles. Now, once you taken the picture it can also share to the people think, we can upload to our social networks, etc

You can download for free and that is appreciated, saying the app itself is simple, “Think before you ink” – Think before you put ink. The application is awesome, it really works and surely many tattooists from all over the world are using it.

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