The airlines you are cheating so that you choose the seat

¿You like to travel and are a frequent customer of the airline? Then you will not be happy to know that it was confirmed that apply a strategy to swindle the tourists. Most of the airlines have always been claims by some problem with the seats. Mostly, it is because the families are separated in the travel, which no one likes.

Is very interesting and important to know how to everything can be turned into a business. In the following information I will show you everything thoroughly.

How you are cheating the airlines?

¿you Thought that being away from your family was your fault? Well, no, the airlines have created a way to turn this into a business to get more benefits. Perhaps you are wondering how, since this is something very delicate.

There is a process that is carried out each time which adds a customer to the flight. What it does is that when you register the names, intentionally separate people with the same surname. In this way, force users to pay more than they need to, reserving or changing the seat to be with their families.

The Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom has also investigated the case

it Sounds a little selfish, but it is as well as the airlines upload their statistics on income. It is something very bad, because the Civil Aviation Authority Uk (CAA) asserts that the passengers get to spend up to approximately 170 million euros just to find a solution to be able to travel in family.

The CAA also noted that, in the majority of the flights, the 35% of users have this problem. Some airlines were reported with this case, is Ryanair (who still refuse to use this type of algorithms). Clearly there are more companies of this type that are likely to be discovered soon.

Because of this, Margot James (secretary of State for Industries, Digital and Creative), has warned about the use of these strategies that do not support the client. For the moment, it is expected that the Uk government will do something about it.

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¿What do you think of this? Do you think that it is fair to pay more for sit next to your family?

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