The 5 mobile more sold of 2016 that will arrive in time for Kings

¿you’re buying last-minute presents? If so, you can not miss our list of 5 mobile more sold of 2016 you will arrive to Kings. These phones have been the most sold on Amazon during the year 2016. All have good price and premium delivery, so that if you now purchase will come before Kings, probably for the Monday 2 or Tuesday 3 January 2017, with enough time in advance so that you can give as a gift for Kings. Note that as soon as you enter in the details of the mobile you place that you get to before Kings, because that way you can ensure that you’ll be able to give it away.


5 mobile more sold of 2016 you will arrive to Kings

The boys of Amazon just to make official the list of the mobile’s best selling 2016. Today we want to talk to you about these 5 terminals, bestsellers, because they also have good prices and you are going to arrive before Kings, to finalize your last minute shopping of Christmas. Are terminals great value for money and all do cost less than 200 euros, what are the best options to add to the cart.

Moto G 3rd Gen

Moto G 3ªGen in his time was the king of the mid-range, and for what it costs, is still an excellent option if you want to buy a terminal that has no waste. Has been the most sold of the year. These terminals came out very good and durable. You can buy it with 8 or 16 GB of storage and 1 GB of RAM, 13 MP rear camera. And of course, enjoying Android Pure.

you Can buy it on Amazon for 139 euros. It is one of the terminals that marked a before and an after, for their benefits to prices dream. ¡¡So don’t miss it!!

Buy Moto G 3ªGen

Huawei P8 Lite

comprar Huawei P8 oferta

One of the best handsets that you can buy right now on Amazon is the Huawei P8 Lite, one of the most popular without a doubt because the users who have bought are pleased. You see that is the number 2 best selling Amazon. In performance, it presents a screen of 5 inches and a powerful OctaCore with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage, in addition to a rear camera of 13 MP.

The price is $ 169. Take a good look when you place your order that arrives before the Kings, because otherwise you might have to buy it from another seller.

Buy Huawei P8 Lite

Moto G4

moto g4 y g4 plus

The third terminal sold on Amazon is the Moto G4. We are one of the best handsets you’ll find for this price on Amazon. Really, in these moments if I were you I would buy before this that the first, because it is a year old. This account with 5.5 inch FullHD, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage and 13 MP camera. Nothing wrong.

price is 179 euros. The design is great and the benefits too. Of this list if you are looking for a mid-range, is possibly the best option or the previous Huawei.

Buy Moto G4

Doogee X5


This terminal is very cheap and for the price it has is quite decent. The boys of Doogee are doing a great job, and their terminals are selling well. 5 inch screen, QuadCore 1.3 GHz, 1 Gb of RAM and 8 GB of storage. In camera have 5 MP.

By 64,99 euros is the best for this price.

Buy Doogee X5

Galaxy J5

Samsung Galaxy J5

In the TOP 5, we find the Samsung Galaxy J5. For the price it is one of the smartphones more competitive that you can find in the market. It presents some benefits of range low-medium. There is nothing wrong, because to be Samsung is the best you’ll find for this price in the market. And Samsung is a brand with which you will get right of full by making a gift.

price is 184 euro and you will come before Kings.

Buy Galaxy J5

These are 5 mobile more sold of 2016 in Amazon. Now you’ll be able to buy them for Kings and have them sent to your home quick in just a couple of days with shipping premium. The best brands, the most popular ones you’ll find on Amazon are these that you show, Moto, Samsung, Doogee, Huawei, which are related. These terminals all cost less than 200 euros, so they are excellent gifts.

what’s your favourite to buy?

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