The 5 games most crazy and addictive for Android

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┬┐You want to discover 5 crazy games and addictive for Android? I’m going to have to enjoy more than ever this Sunday and fun playing. You have to be very careful with the addictive games, because you have us so hooked that we can’t do anything else, but at least we spent a few moments incredible, so there you have it all the account.

In this article I will show you 5 free games for Android that are great and that you should download if you don’t know what to play. Because it is clear that there are many games in the Google Play, however we do not always know what to download because I tried with many and none fit with our style. To see what you think about these five:

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5 crazy games and addictive for Android

  • zig-Zag. how Many zigzags you will be able to do? With this game arcade very simple and well-appreciated by the community of Google Play with a 4.1 note, you’ll have to stay on the wall and do as many zigzags as you can. Simply press on the screen, but don’t fall off the edge. You can download it for free, as the other games.
  • Stack. This game is tremendously addictive. I’ve tried it once but I’m not too well (my record I think it does not pass of 50). You’ll simply have to to stack blocks as best as possible, and how much more skilled you are, the better. The graphics are good. The design is a past. Simply, stack blocks and test in every game. It’s free and has a 4.3 note.
  • Color Switch. The most addictive game of the year for many and with a 4.5 note. we talk about more than 50 million downloads. Simply, you’ll have to go proasting with the ball by the same color. This will be changing, so you’ll have to be very fast and be very careful, because you’ll get a fright if you get it wrong. If you make a mistake, you’ll have to start again. It is very well. I have played a couple of times, but it gives me very beyond. It is also free.
  • Sky. Another game that you can also try it is Sky. Has a 4.2 note in the Google Play. You’ll have to go running down a 3D world full of problems, but that you’ll get go beyond with skill. Avoid obstacles and beats your score in each game. You can touch the screen to jump and double tap to jump higher. It’s free, is very good.
  • Timberman. This peculiar game of 4.1 note that lives in the Google Play and has a very good pint. It is a game in the style of old school arcade game. Become a Timberman, cut wood and avoid the branches. Master the skills and cut down trees as fast as you can. I hope to try it when you finish this article. It’s free!

What do you think about these games? Did you like any of them? you Can share this with me in the comments.

I recommend that you try all, or if you want more note, as you see they all have a note good, and to be free are great for spending a good time at zero cost. But eye with a hook!

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