The 5 best tricks for Snapchat

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there are Still those who doubt that Snapchat is the future and the truth is that they are right, Snapchat is not the future but the present. Currently this app has so many followers that a few tricks to improve Snapchat I will not come to anything bad.

If you’re not using Snapchat also I recommend you to do so, or perhaps soon you might run out of a somewhat old-fashioned if you only depend on Instagram to share your photos or use the application the moment MSQRD that has been somewhat forgotten. Below I will give some tricks to be more skilled in Snapchat, if you come late you may find yourself a bit lost and above all, if you don’t know that the messages self-destruct.

Emojis movimiento Snapchat

The 5 best tricks for Snapchat

Some of them may be known, others not so much but what is clear is that there are many forms of improve Snapchat or do things that the application of series can’t do and that is why I recommend you to pay attention to these tricks, or tips.

Edit photos and videos in Snapchat

When you open Snapchat, you will see the camera and when taking pictures options appear. Yes, when you start to edit the images in this application can be a little mess but you can do a lot of things:

  • In the top the right side you can add emojis, if you click on the T you can also add text by choosing the color and the format. If you click on the pencil lets you draw with your finger.
  • In the bottom you can choose the time that you show your snap. The square gets + allows you to be public and the right arrow you can select contacts to send this Snap. You should know that the down arrow you can save the snap in the phone memory.
  • videos of 10 seconds can also be edited but this time with emojis fixed, you can also select (in a sign of the speaker) if the video is or is not sound.

is Not that the edition is a missed but it’s good to give a few touches to our creations to make sure they are just how we wanted. Currently the videos can even be put emojis in motion in the videos.

in Addition to all of this if you want misrepresent the location here’s how to put a location false in Snapchat, is not that it is very legitimate but I do not think that it is illegal to do so, it can be fun.

Write more text allowed in Snapchat

Snapchat only allows you to write a line of text but it’s easy to skip the limitation. The only thing to do to write a text (as large as you want) in any other app (in messages, for example). Once done with the text as we copy and paste it in Snapchat.

If we do paste the text space to write will increase and see the black space much larger than before, you can add all the text you want. What didn’t you know?

Apply filters in Snapchat

Instagram has filters and many other applications. Snapchat also allows you to apply filters it is best that you are not limited to tones but also offer filters that allow us to add our circumstances (time, temperature, speed, hour, our location ,etc).

To add a filter on Snapchat just slide to the left or to the right when you edit the image (it also works with videos, if you slide to one side or the other you’ll also apply a filter). Here we teach you how to apply a filter of payment free.

Filtro de pago gratis en Snapchat

Double tap to change the camera’s

Is one of the tricks that are simple and useful. When you go down the street and you want to use Snapchat to be able to switch between camera and front and rear vast with to touch two times the screen in the camera mode and be able to switch between the front and rear.

Give the url of your profile Snapchat

If you want to give your url of Snapchat or the url of a profile on Snapchat, you should know that it is very easy to share this profile through any application. The only thing we have to do is use the following url changing the username for the name in question that has the user on Snapchat.


In this way, if you share this link and use your username, anyone can add you directly in Snapchat. It is useful and you don’t have to go looking for the share button within the application. The url can also be customized, here’s a trick to do it.

whether you are new and if you already carry time on Snapchat you have probably discovered something that you not know and if on the contrary you want to to bring something extra for the other users is also allowed to do so, you can add your tricks of Snapchat to create a small manual on our website. In case of any doubts, remember that you can also use the comments to clarify.

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