The 5 Best ROMs for Nexus 5X

Nexus 5X

If you have a Nexus 5X and you want to get the best ROMs for customizarlo, in this article we bring you 5 that are probably the best that you can bump into the field of play. do you Want to give more life to your Nexus 5X and flee the concept of Android Pure? Eye, some will allow you to continue enjoying a Android Pure improved, so you should know them all up to choose your favorite.

5 best ROMs Nexus 5X

CleanCore for Nexus 5X

My favorite, and now you’ll see why. This ROM CleanCore N5X is great because it allows us to enjoy Android Pure as if nothing had happened, but without many default applications that Google is responsible for pre-install on our device. Removes up to 25 applications, in order to keep the ROM clean. Needless to say, that those apps deleted you will be able to be installed from the Google Play Store.

Download | Clean Core

Pure Nexus for Nexus 5X

As its name says, Nexus Pure. We have panel time in the notification bar, recent apps, layers of support 4.0, customizing the menu… and much more. It’s great to enjoy a ROM Android Pure improved, different from what we’re used to seeing.

Download | Pure Nexus

Pure Nexus ROM

Cataclysm for Nexus 5

This ROM is very popular among the users. Includes good features as battery saving, customization of the status bar, LED notifications, custom navigation bar, custom settings, and much more. It is very popular, you should try it sometime.

Download | Cataclysm

Chroma for Nexus 5X

Customization, optimization, and performance, the 3 keys of Chroma that create a perfect combination, so that is a great ROM to have in mind. Among its features include: quick settings, mode light/dark, customization of the navigation bar, customizing the lock screen… is stable, and works very well if you want your Nexus 5 to stay strong as a king.

Download | Chroma

CyanogenMod 13

CyanogenMod for Nexus 5X

there is No more to say, if you are Cyanogen this is your ROM. It is a nightly, which works well but still is not 100% stable. However, users who have tried it are happy, but you might bump into that lack any function. In these versions to work each day, so that soon we will have the good. Is based in CM13.

Download | CyanogenMod

do you Want a Android Pure improved?

These ROMs are different, and all have their own personal touch. We recommend that if you have rooted your Nexus 5 to try it, because sure that you like. We very much like the first, CleanCore N5X, that’s why enjoy Android Pure as is, but clean.

Many guys from XDA have worked hard to give us these ROMs, and that exprimamos our experience with the Nexus 5X of the guys from Google. Sure, if you bought it because you want Android Pure, and in this collection the closest to this you are going to come in handy for fooling around. You can propose some that you like, and we will add it.

what ROM for Nexus 5X will you stay? take Advantage of the comments to on these days.

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