The 5 best MMO games free for Android

Modern Combat 5

we are Not always looking at the latest news or Android news, but there are days when we feel like playing a little and that is why it is a good time to bring you the list of the 5 best MMO for Android. MMO is a genre really extended (multiplayer online massive).

Play on the weekend is something that many users and that is why we have collected a list of 5 of the best, 5 of the most famous and 5 games that you will love in mobile although good, you have to be careful, if you are most played is because engage the user.


Is one of the most popular for Android. Avabel is an epic game that uses a fantastic environment in which some controls and improved graphics do you feel a well designed game for mobile devices.

In the title you’ll find a lot of battles PVE and even some PVP with capacity for up to 1000 players in the same battle. In Avabel you can be 7 different kinds and what you are going to go great. If you like the role play and fantasy Avabel is a title great. Reminds us a lot of classic Final Fantasy.

Download | Avabel on Google Play

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

This online shooter from Gameloft is very good. Its large controls allow the player to master the easy way the basic concepts to deal with to other users.

you Can choose from 5 different classes that will totally change your game style and the way that you move. You’ll have access to leaderboards, interaction and large events with a technical section impressive. Is the COD of Android, a title that is quite addictive.

Download | Modern Combat 5 on Google Play

Order & Chaos 2: Redemption

Order & Chaos 2 is a title well-known, even more than COC at the global level. This new version of the classic Order & Chaos is very similar to WoW with many races and classes to choose from.

This time it has put a special attention on fighting PvP although if you’re a player more passive you will find many quests and dungeons to conquer in battles PvE. The controls are very achieved and the game is very good, so yes, it occupies 1.7 GB.

Download | Order & Chaos 2 on Google Play


If you’re looking for combos, action and fantasy those are the 3 things that define Zenoia. Without a doubt the fifth installment of this title is impressive. Is more, the graphics are very fun.

we Can characterize our heroes with skills and easy way to fight battles PvE and PvP. You’ll have thousands of quests in the game and the images are not going to defraud, a title that is completely free like the others but this genre always ends up being a factor is very decisive for the most eager, a system of in-app purchases that allows you to take advantage of the easy way.

Download | Zenoia on Google Play

Ragnarok Online: Path of Heroes

A title that comes to PC and that has combined fantasy with the anime with many updates and a large number of features added to each bit.

And yes, you can customize the user interface, automatic searches to play some games and more stuff. In Ragnarok you’ll find PvE and PvP in torrents, is easy to learn how to play but it’s very hard to be the best by the huge amount of competition out there in the title.

Download | Ragnarok in Google Play

Without a doubt are 5 very good games, are there any that you think should go in the list? We would like you to aƱadieras in the comments if you think that there is some MMO of great quality you may need to quit in the list. And yes, we have not included the classic COC because it is using the list to announce a title that is already extended, these also have many users but are not as well known in the environment of Spanish-speaking.

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