The 5 best games for Android Wear

Mejores juegos Android Wear

If you have an Android Wear and want to play, sure that you want to discover the best games for Android Wear. We bring you a collection of the 5 best that we have tested and personally we seem to be the best of each house. And remember that if you’re looking for one in particular, you can ask in the comments. it Started with the collection!

5 best games for Android Wear

Discover these 5 cool games and free for your smartwatch:


With a 4.3-note, this game is one of the most dear in the smartwatches. Already told you about our experience with Ingress when it came to Android Wear, and it is certain that the reception is good. We will go capturing portals from the clock itself, it’s great, because as we go around, the watch itself will tell us that we have a portal near that we must discover. If you like Ingress, remember that you can even create your own portals.

Download | Ingress on Google Play


This is the most addictive game now in Android Wear. The 2048 despite not being a classic of the end times, we could say that it is, because it is super fun and addicting, in addition, we will train our mind. With 4.2 of note, is also required. It is one of those games that should not be missing in any smart watch to pass the time on many occasions.

Download | 2048 in Google Play

Marshmallow Rush

Marshmallow RushHas 4.4 note this game is based on the easter egg of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It is difficult, but we’re sure that you like to try it. It is a game style Flappy Bird, free and very simple, so you can’t miss it.

Download | Marshmallow Rush on Google Play

Minecart Jumper

3.9 is another of the cool games for Android, and in addition, is different to what we are used to seeing, because we have that overcome obstacles from our wrist. The mechanics is simple, and it’s fun, so you can download it which in the end is free. Insurance that you like, and users talk about, he wonders.

Download | Minecart Jumper on Google Play


PaperCraft4.4 of the note speaks for itself. With this game we will have to be skilled. We will be a triangle that you will need to defeat all that is put forward. It is modern and fun, in addition, it is easy and fast to play. We like it very much because it is very comfortable to play from the clock.

Download | PaperCraft in Google Play

What is for you the best? This has been our collection of the 5 best games for Android Wear, eye because they are addictive, and eye with where you play, you could cause envy of many. Are great to pass the time while we wait, and we don’t feel like it or not we have the mobile to hand. Do not hesitate to tell us what is your favorite, and if there are any that you like more.

what game for Android Wear will you stay? take Advantage of the comments to tell us which one is your favorite, maybe your opinion will serve to other gamers.

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