The 5 best applications to link from mobile

Mejores aplicaciones para ligar movil

Flirting in person is a thing of the past. Since then, today the phone seems like it is made for pull tabs to everything around us and what is true is that there are a lot of applications that allow us to pull the cane the easy way, or even to look for relationships (for all purposes) with ease.

Leaving to one side the coñas, flirting in person is very good, but there are people who don’t have time and strip mobile to meet people. Sometimes, when you have a job, very solitary, you live alone and you suffer in the world today, it is normal that you become a little prone to seek friendships by the network although then you have to drag them to the reality or you will not be as happy as you think.


The 5 best applications to link from your mobile

that Is why we have sought out the 5 best apps to link for the Internet. Usually through these applications often arise a lot of meetings that end in multiple ways but it is clear that if you get to know someone for them and that person will be looking for something similar to you and the flirting takes another different direction.

Badoo – application-for-excellence

Without a doubt, if you want to flirt, Badoo is the application for excellence. Takes a lot of time online and that has made it becomes one of the best options. Find people on Badoo is very easy and in addition works well in large cities or environments more sections of other applications such as Tinder does not have many users.

Badoo was born as one of the first websites for finding a partner and what is true is that it has known how to adapt to the new times with changes very good. Badoo has a wide range of people and in fact, if you want to be the king of Badoo, here you have the best tricks to link through this app. In Badoo rellenarás a profile, and you’ll be able to choose candidates based on their location, tastes or in an option that allows you to do something similar to the classic Match of Tinder. We also have a small tutorial to get super powers for free at Badoo, we do not need to thank.

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Tinder – More modern and superficial


Tinder is an app that has world famous. Since then it is the most widely used application to link in the world today, although Tinder does not facilitate interpersonal relationships but who sells a physical the other must be purchased.

The operation of Tinder is simple, users simply say yes or no to the photos they see and if someone has done without the same photo, this allows you to talk. Tinder is very simple but you have to sell very well. Tinder works very well because when there is a Match it is unlikely that that person is not interested in the conversation.

In recent years Tinder has made progress interesting and has incorporated even the possibility of making the activity group to promote the friendship and not so much the “here you get here I will kill you”. It’s free and has version Plus, like the others, with more features… did you tested?

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Ashley Madison – The network for the infidels

Ashley Madison has gained a reputation-based criticism. This social network that leaves the ethical on the other hand, makes the marriage can live an adventure the easy way. It is a very unobtrusive and does not require or have a profile picture for if the flies.

This application promotes the encounters between infidels and promises not to tell about it. It serves as a vehicle open to a huge market. Only are married people looking for an adventure, or singles looking for married, there is everything. Not connecting with your social networks, is an application really discreet with a single purpose. Says make happy millions of people.

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Lovoo – Very similar to Badoo

Lovoo Ligar

For that Badoo is no longer an option for its great antiquity and great amount of profiles abandoned has, Lovoo can be one of the best options for your smartphone. If you want to try a alternative, because Badoo is not convinces Lovoo can be one of the best options.

Lovoo has a operation is very similar to Badoo but with the advantage that it is much more modern and has plenty of users that are using it. Lovoo does not have as many users as Badoo, for instance, but the users that use Lovoo if you are more active than on other platforms and it is also really important.

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Meetic – it is Not free but is very defined

Meetic App Android

Meetic is the application of the people who know what they are looking for. You have a great marketing campaign running in our country and it is a perfect app for those who are looking for a profile very concrete.

Meetic look for between what you choose and nothing more, is not the ideal application for those who have all day to look at photos. Meetic define very well what you are looking for and gives you results quickly. Meetic you can also locate people by their location. Meetic is not free but is very complete and is very well defined.

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And finally, as to extra mode, is Facebook. This application was born for something like that and the truth is that people league a lot by Facebook. There everything is defined, people see a person on the street, speaks to him by Messenger, adds and Facebook and works at it for flirting.

so, although the people do not want to recognise, Facebook surely has created more relationships than all these 5 together although it is not defined as such. Facebook is a social network but a network that connects people and that is what is missing from the applications that are made to flirt, that many of the people that are in there are not looking for the same thing that you or your, there is a certain rejection of them because there are fake profiles, people who only seek a moment’s hesitation, etc, that Is why Facebook becomes so much more authentic. What do you think of our selection of the 5 best applications to link to?

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