The 3 best bluetooth speakers with water resistance

Altavoz Bluetooth Sumergible

summer is Coming and a bluetooth speaker can be the perfect complement to take to the beach, pool, or even in our kayak to enjoy the best music while surcamos some to the Caribbean sea (would pay much for being able to be there at this time).

Now, if you’re looking for a bluetooth speaker for this kind of things it is best to opt for a bluetooth speaker with water resistance and have sought the best 3 for you, yes, obviously when we say the best 3 prices are not going to be for nothing, “low”, but it is true that for what you pay you’re going to get something of great quality, here are the 3 best bluetooth speakers with water resistance to connect to your mobile and enjoy them.

Monster Superstar Blackfloat

The 3 best bluetooth speakers water resistant

Among the candidates we have 2 well-known brand, and one very original, much more economical, but perfectly functional.

Monster Superstar Backfloat

The speaker from Monster (a company that will surely sound if I speak to you of the Beats By Dr Dre) has a speaker with classification IPX6 which means a resistance to jets of water (is not waterproof).

The speaker is also water resistant and it is certain that in addition to float when it is in the water, so that could get in the pool (in the correct position) floating at your side while you provide the best music. Has a silicone sleeve to be very attractive. The battery of this speaker lasts about 7 hours and offers a sound very powerful.

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JBL Flip 3

JBL Flip 3The Flip 3 almost speaks for itself. This speaker is small but very powerful. It offers a sound clear and balanced at low and high to offer a great experience.

in Addition is able to adapt to the situation as it has AUX port. Obviously you’re not going to be able to sumergilo to the full but yet holds without problem splashing like the previous one, and can withstand rain with no problem. Has a power of 16 Wattios RMS and offers a battery that can last up to 10 hours.

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Polk BOOM Swimmer

Polk Boom SwimmerThis small speaker Polk Audio very versatile and in addition has a very original design that allows it to be anchored on any side (for example, on the curtain rod in your bathroom or on the railing of the pool). Have protection IPX7 and its battery lasts 8 hours. Has 2.5 Wattios of power but more than enough, you can buy it and check it out (if you don’t like it Amazon will let you return it for free).

in Addition to that it is waterproof and can be submerged without suffering damage to 1 metre deep. It is perfect for children who play with him in the pool or for places where you are at risk of falling into the water. It is small, but what is certain is that the size is not always important.

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the latter is the most economic of the 3 and the only submersible to one meter, we are not aware of the wattios power of the Monster because they are not published by any side but I guarantee you that they all sound really good. The JBL might be the most powerful, and it’s not like he has an outrageous price for what it is able to offer. If you like any, use the button where you can to find the best price.

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