The 2 new strategies hits from Clash Royale

Clash Royale

┬┐you’ve seen the 2 new strategies hits from Clash Royale? What is certain is that in the last days I am facing users with equipment very similar, but still these two new strategies that I will tell you in this article (of course there are many more), but for now I’m going to tell these two, if you feel like it use any in your deck.

In these moments I have at 3200 trophies and there are many users in the arena legendary in levels 9 and 10 that use these strategies and they are practically unbeatable. I hope you serve to be the best of Clash Royale! Though you will have to train a lot and be good:

sabueso lava clash royale

2 new strategies hits from Clash Royale

Hound Lava + Balloon

Today I found myself in a lot of games to users using the hound of lava over the globe. What is certain is that this can be stopped easily with a few minions, but not if your opponent has arrows, because there are not too many elements flying they get to stop all this.

How I stopped? With freezing + minions + zap + princess. What is certain is that this team is unstoppable, but if you’re going to follow the strategy of the hound of lava and the balloon, the best thing is that you also have a baby dragon or mage para annoy more to the opponent. And of course arrows to hand. Here we tell you how to play and stop the hound of lava in the Clash Royale, but with the balloon is very complicated, especially if you are in high level clear, level 4 for example.

Mining + letters ahead

minero clash royaleAnother attack very common that I have seen these days, is to launch the miner towards the back of the tower and as the tower is busy trying to defeat the miner, if you send small cards (goblins) in front of you can’t stop them because it is attacking the miner. This strategy is very good, but you must keep to the miner. And it’s great, because the other cards will end up with the tower.

If you don’t have the miner you can learn how to stop it. How? Defeating the miner as soon as possible with a few minions, barbarians, zap or fireball. I of it, near the tower would fast the minions, hopefully goes well the play. Also we tell you how to stop the mining of Clash Royale.

do You see these strategies Clash Royale? Do you use any?

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