The 12 premieres original Netflix for October 2018

The 2018 is now reaching its last quarter and in Netflix prepare part of his artillery in order to attract more users and re-addicted to those who are already long time on the platform. And how are you going to do? As super easy: with new content.

In the absence of a, in the offices of Netflix are already fine-tuning details to submit up to 12 productions that carry their seal from the month of October. Here you will meet all along with its release date on the streaming platform.

All the premieres original Netflix for October 2018

  • Big Mouth, season 2, from 5 October: hormones become restless since 5 October. If you loved the first season of Big Mouth, then you should not miss the second gala that brings more creativity, scenes school that are never absent in the life of the school, among other things.
  • Elite, season 1, from 5 October: two of the robbers of The House of Paper will give life to this series college that is giving a lot to talk about. Away this date on your calendar and try not to devorarte the series from the first day.
  • Private Life, from 5 October: a dramatic film that will put the willies from 5 October.
  • Apostle, from the 12th of October: the suspense and the terror will seize you with this film is not suitable for the faint of heart.
  • 22 July, from the 12th of October: relive the attack in Norway, raised in 2011, this 12 of October. Survivors and the whole country wrapped up in this series.
  • Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, season 1, from October 19: for the lovers by the kitchen, here there will be a space to delight the palate from the 19th of October on Netflix.
  • Wanderlust, season 1, from October 19: the passion of travel will be an essential touch in this original series from Netflix where BBC One has also had a hand.

More content for October part of Netflix

  • District wild, season 1, from October 19: an actor colombiano will be in charge of putting into action a lot of techniques used by officers to not be detected unless they so desire.
  • Castlevania, season 2, starting on 26 October: the success of the first series has given way to the launch with a story improved about the game presented in 1986.
  • Chilling adventure of Sabrina, season 1, from October 26, : if you love the mystery of the supernatural, then you’ll need to set aside the October 26 to see the first chapter of this series created by Warner Bros. for Netflix.
  • Patriot act with Hasan Minhaj, starting from the 28th of October: it is said that you have a total of 32 episodes which will address the issue of social culture, and other related.
  • Daredevil, season 3, is said to be premiered on the 19th of October: the third season of the series of the superhero of New York does not yet have a confirmed date, although October 19 is the day that more has sounded in the last days.

┬┐What is your favorite title for the month of October? If you have not yet seen the new series so far this month, you can see the premieres of September 2018.

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