The 10 processors for smartphones are more powerful today

procesador-qualcomm-destacadait’s no secret, technology is advancing at giant leap. There are not a few skeptics who argue that soon we will reach a “ceiling” through which we cannot pass, stalling or severely slowing down progress. However, personally, I think that if progress is hampered in a field, it will make the other serve as a catapult.

An excellent example of this progression in the technological sector are the processors. These tiny electronic components are located in the interior of our devices and, day after day, to keep you in top form, running all processes that are launched into the chip. However, it is apparent that there are some SoCs are more powerful than others, and AnTuTu has made an interesting list of the most powerful.

The most powerful in terms of performance

antutu-rankingas can be seen in the graph, is the Apple A10 chip that crowns the ranking with more than 170,000 points. In the second place is the almighty –already not-so– Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, recently presented and can be found already in phones like the Xiaomi Mi 5s or the new partner of the Google Pixel. The third place still belongs to Qualcomm and their Snapdragon 820.

If something tells us this table is that, despite having the same number of nuclei, Apple continues to draw some advantage to Qualcomm in raw power is referred to. In addition to Apple and Qualcomm, also makes an appearance in the fifth-place Samsung with its Exynos 8890, which enjoys a more than respectable 129.865 points.

GPUs more powerful in smartphones

antutu-rankingAt least for the moment, it is Qualcomm that is found in most high performance graphics. It is seen that the american company puts special emphasis on their GPUs, since both the Snapdragon 820 with its Adreno 530 as the Snapdragon 821 and its Adreno 530 enhanced take second and first place respectively.

below the first two is Apple with its A10, which makes use of the PowerVR Series of Imagination, although it is unknown the exact model. On this occasion, seems to be Samsung with its Exynos 8890 the most limp in the section of the GPU, and is the chip of the Korean company is in the fifth place of the table, with “only” 37.545 points, which pales compared with the 60.277 points of the Snapdragon 821.

The most powerful performance single

antutu-rankingIn performance single-core queen of new Apple in first and second place with their chips A10 and A9, respectively. In the third and fourth position —surely you will have guessed— are the Snapdragon 821 and 820 Qualcomm, both of four cores. it Seems that Samsung likes to be fifth, and it is that for the third consecutive time its Exynos 8890 dominates the position number five.

however, here is a surprise, Huawei with their HiSilicon Kirin 955. And is that the processors of the chinese company had made act of presence timidly in the ránkings previous, though positioning itself in the lower end of the table, with scores quite poor compared to the competition. On this occasion, the Kirin 955 goes up to occupy the sixth place.

The most powerful overall performance of the CPU

antutu-rankingagain, as was the case in the above table, Apple dominates the top two positions with their A10 and A9, which are capable of a power excessive, although the first more than the second. Samsung-scale positions here and stood in third position with its Exynos 8890, with an exceptional performance, thanks in part to its eight cores.

In the other positions is concerned, the Snapdragon 821 Qualcomm occupies the fourth place, while — surprise! surprise! the Kirin 955 Huawei ranks fifth, above even the Snapdragon 820. MediaTek obtains rather poor results with your Helium X25, reaching only to the 30.366 points.

What do you think of this classification?When do you think it will be surpassed by the Apple’s A10 Fusion?

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