The 10 mobile faster of 2016, according to AnTuTu

So if you want to buy one of the most powerful mobile in the market as if you are a curious, sure that you want to know 10 mobile faster of 2016, according to AnTuTu. If you already have a high-end, could be on this list (or not), but you can’t get lost because as you progress that will surprise you. There are some terminal that does not expect it to be so high (or so low). Do not put more emotion and move on to the grain. These are the 10 mobile faster of 2016, according to AnTuTu as well has filtered in Weibo.

Los 10 móviles más rápidos de 2016 según AnTuTu

10 mobile faster of 2016, according to AnTuTu

So stays in the TOP 10 (don’t expect it):

  • LeEco Le Pro 3. Actually the post number 1 is for this terminal. Not everybody knows it neither sounds nor even the brand, but is a top-of-range. The most powerful of AnTuTu, which is said soon. Here we tell you all about LeEco Pro 3.
  • Xiaomi Mi5s Plus. Could not miss a Xiaomi in the top 3 of the list. This terminal is a past and what we have available with 6 GB of RAM. You can buy it now offer at the best price.
  • Smartisan M1L. Another of the terminals that are unknown to many users and is in the top 3. Awesome terminal.
  • Xiaomi Note 2. Those who want to a terminal of the large, this bet has no waste. You can buy it at the best price from this link.
  • Huawei Mate 9. A flagship that could not miss in this list.
  • Xiaomi Mi 5s. Another Xiaomi forming part of the top of the top 10. If you want to buy it now cheap, do it from the above link.
  • OnePlus 3. What to say of the guys from OnePlus. They always do amazing and this OnePlus 3 you can buy it cheap, because the OnePlus 3T is already coming to market.
  • Vivo Xplay 5. This smartphone also is quite unknown to many users. You can buy it at the best price now.
  • LeEco Will Max 2. Amazing but true that this terminal is part of the list, because as you say, many users have never heard of the.
  • Nubian Z11. The guys from Nubia already surprised us with his bet without frames. We did not expect less. It is one of the best mobile with 6 GB of RAM. If you like this Z11 you can buy it at the best price with this offer.

Up to here the top 10 of most powerful of November. What do you think of the list?

The mobile chinese are increasingly strong

are doing great brands girls offering terminals are spectacular at the best prices in the market. It’s a great option!

What do you think it’s the best of the list? Are you going to buy one of these?

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