The 10 countries most addicted to your smartphone

The addiction to the mobile phone is a problem affects more and more users. Despite the growing number of people with addiction, to be able to detect the symptoms is increasingly simple. Luckily, there are also orafter ways to overcome this addiction. There are apps that will help you to desengancharte of the mobile. Today is very strange that someone without a smartphone. Rarely you meet someone that does not have it. As simple as it is, virtually all the people in your environment have one.

In the developed countries owning a smartphone is one of the most common. For this reason, we have a list on which appear the 10 countries most addicted to your smartphone. What do you believe are these countries? The list may offer some surprises for many of you.Descubre los 10 países con mayor porcentaje de smartphones del mundo

What 10 countries are the most addicted to smartphone?

In the list we can see the 10 countries in which there is a higher percentage of smartphones. They tell us what percentage of the total population of the country has a smartphone. Can any of the countries surprise you, so I will comment the list below, to clarify the possible doubts that have arisen.

These are the countries in the list:

Country % Population with smartphone
South Korea 88%
Australia 77%
, Israel 74%
United States 72%
Spain 71%
New Zealand 70%
Uk 68%
Canada 67%
Chile 65%
Malaysia 65%

This percentage indicates to us the number of smarpthones in relation to the population. This is why it is a surprise that China does not appear for example, in the Top 10. Or that the united States is not one of the first three, despite being the country with the most smartphones in the world.

This kind of lists can help companies to detect or analyze the importance of markets. You can see that countries have a higher percentage of smartphones, and also see what are the largest. Data of great utility for the manufacturers. It will be interesting to see the evolution of this list next year. do You expect that these 10 countries would be in the list? What countries would you expect in the list?

Source | World Atlas

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