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If you use Spotify, I hope that you know, the summer promotion 3-months of Spotify for only 9,99 in total, which is really tempting and I hope that you have subscribed to enjoy the best music at the best price (and for the entire summer). But in this article, we are going to talk to you about 10 tricks for Spotify premium (and not premium) to get the most out of the popular music service via streaming. And that you can’t miss!

What we offers Spotify to be so special? If you like the music, you are sure to like Spotify. These guys have done a spectacular job, and although it seems a real bargain offering, Spotify is not all that profitable because the record companies and artists take a percentage of your music high. However, with these tricks you’ll say yes you’ll be able to squeeze it to the maximum,, 9,99 euros for this service you will seem pulled price.


10 tricks for Spotify Premium

These tricks of Spotify are valid for users premium and not premium. Are on Spotify and it is possible that you never have found.

Import local music files

This option is one of the preferred by users, because they can listen to music for free from Spotify with this option. If you have downloaded music (from YouTube for example), you can import in Spotify these .mp3 to take them to any part.

How do I do this?

This you need to do it from the PC. Spotify > Edit > Preferences > local Files. From here, you can add them easily. In the menu of Local Files, you should see all your files.

Listen to Spotify from Chromecast

Spotify ya soporta ChromecastSince the Configuration of Spotify, you can send your music directly to the Chromecast (yes, from your mobile). In addition, in this article we tell you that now Spotify supports Chromecast. It is great news of course, because we can listen to music where we want, without limits. Also you can open Spotify from the mobile and send it from the quick Settings of Android.

Retrieves a playlist that have been deleted

have You deleted a playlist? don’t worry, we are going to tell you how you can retrieve it. Simply log in to Spotify (best from the web) in the option of “Retrieve Playlist“. A very similar process to retrieve files from Dropbox. Well, once inside this page you will see the lists deleted and the date, we will be able to retrieve lists by clicking on them.

Download discs/playlist to your mobile

do you Want to download a disk to your Android? Simply enters the disc that you want and press Save. From that moment on you will appear in the section of “Your music”. If you can’t see listed, it is because you have not activated the option Available offline.

Repeat for save playlists (playlist) by using the option Available offline.

Create folders for your playlists

If you want create folders to organize your music, you’ll see that by right clicking on the playlists in Spotify, to the side of the option create playlist you “Create folder“. Once you believe it, you can put the name you want, put folders within folders and drag the music to your preference. Very comfortable and easy to use!

Creates playlists collaborative

If you want create playlists collaborative, you’ll just need to create a list of production, do right click and click the option “Playlist collaborative“. Now you’ll have to share that list with whoever you want, to give you permissions and you can add songs. You can only add those who receive the link. It is great especially if you do a getaway with friends, because all you will be able to add music.

Spotify on Android Wear

spotify en android wear opinionIf you play Spotify from your Android and you have an Android Wear, you’ll be able to control it from the smartwatch. Basically the watch acts of control, you will not be able to do much more, but it is fun and functional. Here we tell you our experience trying out Spotify on Android Wear.

you Can use Spotify as Karaoke

If yours is to sing, you can use Spotity as Karaoke and this is not a joke. This is also from the computer, as many other options but it is really cool. You’ll simply have to navigate to a song and you’ll see that the progress bar is the option “Letters“. If you click above, you’ll see the lyrics of the song as it is playing. This is perfect, because you already have the combination to record yourself singing using Spotify without having to search for the letters in another medium.

There is a history of Spotify

The history of Spotify exists, it is not a myth, but you can only query it from the PC. How? Go on Spotify and click “Queue“, an icon with 3 stripes in parallel. From here, you can find the tab “History“, to see the last thing that you heard and play it back if you liked.

Listen to music privately

If you want listen music secret (without that nobody can see what you listen to), simply click Settings > Private Session. Sure that you comes well on more than one occasion.

What do you have like these tricks for Spotify? Would you have served? You’ll be able to use them both with Spotify normal as in its Premium version, which I recommend trying.

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