Test Firefox OS on your Android with the APK official

Firefox OS en Android

Today the picture that we find in the SO mobile has a rating clara: diverse. Where once we found ourselves with few options, today we can choose among a range of possibilities wider. But there still is a widespread problem for those alternatives that emerge to gain a foothold in the market, and is that it’s very difficult for a user af√©rrimo of an OS able to change, to not be that new to report significant improvements with respect to the previous one. And especially if we are talking about a daily use.

a while Ago Firefox put on the table their proposal for a mobile OS based on Linux with the name of Firefox OS. If you wanted to try it, had certain Android devices are compatible to install it (obviously under methods root) and see how it works the new OS. Later, by 2013, the company would decide to launch their own phones (while being manufactured with other companies as, for example, Geeksphone), and tested in the market.

Geeksphone Keos Firefox OS

But as we have commented before, there is a problem and is that it is difficult for the users to change to another alternative. For this reason, Firefox has played his cards and has released a APK for Android with which, after you install it and run it, you’ll be able to try the new version of the operating system of Mozilla (Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview) as if it was a phone Firefox, is involved, and all this without flash the terminal.

Far from being the operating system to the full, what is certain is that offers a demonstration pretty complete of how things work on Firefox OS. Within the demo you will find multiple applications that brings the OS, so that you can have an experience as close as possible to the complete system

Capturas Firefox OS en Android

in Addition, as we explained in Xatakamóvil, you also have available the full version of Firefox OS 2.5, if you want to install it, with quite a few interesting developments, as for example the Add-ons, which allow you to add extensions to the OS as if the browser were.

do Not miss to download the APK from the official website of Mozilla. You can tell that you like in the comments!

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