Test any of these 3 games similar to Clash Royale on your Android device

Clash Royale is currently one of the most popular mobile games. There are even professional gamblers who earn their living with this addictive title. However, today I will show you 3 alternatives to Clash Royale for Android. If you wanted a change of scenery, then you’ve come to the right place.

below you’ll see a short list with 3 games similar to Clash Royale for Android. We recommend that you try and see the similarities with your own eyes. On the other hand, if you are a player of Clash Royale in search of to improve, do it with these foolproof tips for winning clan wars.

Games similar to Clash Royale

Tower Conquest

Kiloo, a company developer of Subway Surfers was to bring Tower Conquest to iOS and Android. We are talking about a title with characteristics similar to Clash Royale, but with a dynamic quite different.

In Tower Conquest, there are three avenues of attack-defense that have a cannon in the center. This artifact can be conquer and when you get an attack automatically to enemy base.

Craft Royale

As its name indicates, Craft Royale is a a mixture of Clash Royale with graphics of Minecraft. Something a bit far-fetched, but quite fun.

Craft Royale includes the cards of the Battle Royale and the graphics, with pixels the Minecraft. It is available both for Android and for iOS.

Download | Craft Royale

Jungle Clash

MY.COM the company that you copied the Clash of Clans of Supercell with its Jungle Heat, again to make your own. The company has developed a shameless copy of Clash Royale called Jungle Clash.

Due to the dynamics of Jungle Clash is identical to that in the Clash Royale, we are facing a game pretty fun. However, it fails to offer the incredible power that has the title of Supercell.

Now that you’re done looking at the list, what was of all the games similar to Clash Royale instalarĂ­as on your mobile?

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