Telstra announces availability and price of Samsung Galaxy S6, and the new rate Auger!

Yoigo has not wanted to miss the great feast of technology, and just announced the availability and price of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 presented in this Mobile World Congress 2015 which is being held in Barcelona, ​​a terminal that have already been proven in depth with his brother, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

In addition, also presented an interesting novelty for catalog prices. We talked about the Auger rate, which will take effect from tomorrow, and as its name makes one suspect, proposes a combination of calls and virtually unlimited data.


But go to parties. First, with information on the new flagship of Samsung. The company will have it available from day one, that is, from on 10 April, and users can purchase a monthly fee of 25 euros, payable over 24 months .

This would result a total price of 600 euros , ie 99 euros less than the price of party yesterday announced the South Korean model for smaller capacity. Therefore, we do not know if those 25 euros will be added any initial or final payment, even if specified by failing to understand that no . Of course, in any case we must add to these 25 euros we hire rates.

New fee contract The Auger

Yoigo La Sinfin

The other big news is the new rate Auger to new and existing contract customers, as we said, from tomorrow 5th will join current Zero The 1.2 GB, and The Zero 5 GB to 100 minutes. The Auger offers 20 GB of data per month with speed up to 4G, and unlimited calls + VoIP. And all this for 29 euros per month including VAT without any permanence and forever. In addition, if consumiésemos those 20 GB, the speed is reduced to 128 Kbps, but could continue browsing as usual.

That will be the provision of contract rates Telstra until May 31, but I also can benefit from a hearty discount of 20% during the first 6 months in any of the three if we store high from online .

Tarifas Yoigo descuento

No doubt, this is a great move by the operator, and is currently, no other market rate offers similar amount of mobile data and unlimited calls for so little money . Now, see how responsive the other operators, it sure will not stand idly by.

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